Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hell Of The Living Dead

Hell Of The Living Dead (Virus) Directed by Bruno Mattei Starring Jose Gras (1980).
Bruno Mattei is one of those directors genre fans love to shit on and this film adds Claudio Fragasso to the mix! Now you've got a powder keg of rancid explosive diarrhea! or Virus- (Hell of The Living Dead)!
Skunkape twisted my arm in watching Mattei's Robowar a fake Predator with Reb Brown (Yor) and an alien that spouts gibberish and then Greasy Greasy! So I figured I'd give his best film a shot!
Goblin without theirs or Romero's consent unintentionally loaned out the scores for "Dawn Of The Dead", Buried Alive and Contamination (basically a Goblin mix tape)! 
A rat eats through a hazmat suit causing a zombie epidemic on a remote factory on an island! Guys in white lab coats pull out their coworkers organs and eat them, immediately as green smoke floats through the factory. Some of the incidental music sounds like an Atari game someone ran over with their BMX Street machine. 

      Meanwhile terrorists are taking hostages (probably to justify the "Dawn Of The Dead" looking SWAT team members standing outside with guns)! There is no fat racist who gets blown away however or any effective Savini-esque exploding head!
The Goblin score sounds like it was recorded off the TV onto a Maxell tape then recorded for this film. Fulci deserves a lot of credit for being original, I mean he's the main offender for blatantly ripping off Romero and he doesn't at all! 

Mattei liberally steals verbatim from Night and Dawn! The film is kinda hilarious in it's audacity and very entertaining regardless of the shamelessness! The SWAT team's idea of kicks is to make fun of rotten corpses in the heat as they hot rod around in a jeep in New Guinea. Jose Gras from Mad Foxes plays Mike London one of the Swat team members. They all have ill fitting hats and bad teeth. A Media crew with a sick kid wander around a barren village, the kid turns zombie and kills his parents. At least they got a real kid (who looks like he's got Campbell Kid disease! unlike Peter Bark from Burial Ground!  The couple that arrived with the zombie kid sees more zombies coming towards them and says "Don't worry, they are probably drunk or stoned"! The team recruits a curly haired blonde (Margi Eveline Newton) and a Cat Stevens looking dude and they decide to invade a native village. The blonde is a professional at hooking up with tribes, she disrobes, dons face paint and paints her boobs, then instructs the SWAT team what to do next! This is a great jab at Cannibal heroines, who automatically know what to do in this situation! Some of the natives rip open animals and smear corpse smutz on their deflated tits (this Mondo inspired yuckiness is for a funeral rite)! The natives welcome them into their village by eating poop (which makes one of the crew barf) and dancing. 
      Half of the natives are grey (the infected ones) and they attack and break up the party! The Cat Stevens character reminds me of Miguel from Day Of The Dead (Could Romero has been tributing this flick? Nah)!
The military shows their murderous colors against the peaceniks and create some animosity. The population of New Guinea gets pissed and calls in their own army to eradicate the zombie problem. This is an epidemic I mean there are even cat zombies!! One SWAT guy goes bonkers and fucks with the zombies. The team actually makes their way to the factory from the beginning but  is it too late? Is there an apocalyptic conspiracy going on? As insulting as it is, Hell of the living dead is seriously entertaining!

Duh! Shoot them in the head!

Campbell Kid zombie

Don't Worry my head is filled with Candy!


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