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Marquis. Directed by Henri Xhonneux starring creepy animal/ human hybrids (1989)
     There have been many film interpretations, plays, songs based on the perverted works of Marquis Desade, but nothing  comes close to the weirdness presented in this all puppet presentation. Skunkape mentioned and I agree that there should be an English dubbed version to fully enjoy the scary puppet faces without having to read all the French.
     Quills and this film follow the same story line and its basically Meet The Feebles done with historical attention to detail. In fact there's too much detail going on and no one looking for this level of surreal weirdness would have the attention span to commit to this nonsense!

     Roland Topor who did the production design for La Planete Sauvage was involved in this project and also wrote the novel for the brilliant Polanski film The Tenant. There's a talking penis that has a human brain and commands its Dog/Gelfling faced owner to write. sometimes it wears a wig and a little French Revolution outfit in a little guillotine. The different animal faces are meant to represent racial stereotypes in the same vein as Art Spiegelman's Maus. I hate to compare it to that genius graphic novel, but that's the only relevant connection I can think of that used different races as animals. In Marquis there are chickens, camels,pigs, rats, cows, fish, dogs and horse faced women and its all very distressing.
     After awhile you get used to the hideous puppets and you start to pay attention to the storyline, the effect wears off, but then they bash you over the head with overtly sexual antics that skeeved me out! Dog faced DeSade at one point has sex with a wall and its eyes open, scary! A chicken faced man gets a chew job (I'll let you guess what that is!) and his voice speeds up!
     Marquis Desade  locked up in The Bastille prison impresses a cow faced girl with his disgusting porn writing (which is illustrated with claymation butts and other bizarre shit)!
His penis feels betrayed and wants to escape! The cow girl is tortured for having sympathy for Desade and milked by the chicken man. This is the kind of film I would have been mentally scarred for life had I seen it as a child and hopefully no kids watch it online by accident!
     The complete version is on youtube, but unfortunately is only in French or with Spanish subs and the english version has subs that take over the screen! The whole thing is so depraved and ridiculous that its difficult to take anything too seriously. This take on Marquis Desade is sympathetic and its pretty creepy and of course pornographic. The film makers are asking too much for anyone to pay attention to a political storyline while delivering weird bestiality sex with puppets, its completely insane! Then again why is someone as demented, respected as a liberator in some circles. To portray Desade as a champion of free expression through horrifying puppets is sort of genius. I need to sit down and take some advil after this review!

Theater of Guts
Tribute Trailer

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