Saturday, October 10, 2020

Update. 2020- THE APOCALYPSE or Quarantine brought to by Q-anon and the Dale Gribble Beast.

It's been a long long long long while since I've written a movie review. I've always feared this nightmare we're all trapped in right now. I listened to that Scorps Winds of Change Podcast and now I'm sort of convinced that Putin found a sucker to ignite the flame of fascism, through a an orange circus peanut, fast food clown psychopath who is so spineless and thirsty that he sold out this country and started the systematic dismantling of the USA. 

I wish I wasn't getting all Neal Breen/ 4 Chan/ Mad Max all over your lap. Goat and I have discussed this shit privately through texts (which of course are not so private).

Perhaps our readers out there don't really know this but I was hurt by what went down with the Deep Red re-animation and subsequent nose dive. Ever since I ditched FB, I lost all contact with my Deep Red pals. Internet relationships are mainly short-term or maybe altogether bullshit. Oh yeah and Some dude named Steve turned into a fucking Trump troll.

       This new normal is yet another thing I'm choosing to resist and I have to go be a front line worker on no hazzard pay, thanks blood thirsty Wall Street ghouls! I've always vented at society through my reviews. I'll put it this way, when I moved to Nashville and I fell in love and hate with the city. The love was all at the Willie Nelson Museum, I met some of the nicest, coolest people in my life.They supported my art, encouraged me and appreciated my talent. The hatred was all directed at Franklin Tenn, one of the blandest, uptight and or trashy suburbs. Trump-gana-stan if you will. Major Culture shock!
The friends I made in the land of Hot Chicken and Country Music I will always treasure. I met my best pal Bobby Hazzard, whom I started a Trick of Treat podcast with you may be familiar with there .CHECK IT. 

    So many Blu-ray/ DVD gore movie companies are restoring lost treasures, in the past only found in dingy, crumbled up, tattered, stapled zines of the 80's written by ahead of their time figures like Rick Sullivan, who inspired Chas Balun, Bob Martin of original Fango fame, Michael Weldon and Bill Landis. These are my Monumental hall of famers to speak in sports terms. Fab 5/ Stones/ Blue Cheer/Ramones with more pot soaked counter culture waste-oids we all should admire and aspire to be.
    So I wanted to showcase movies from the last few years that we've reviewed by digging out the archives, clearing out the cobwebs. Some have still not surfaced like THE LADIES CLUB and BRAIN WASH/AKA CIRCLE OF POWER. So if you're reading "Wink Wink". The Dolphin is in the Jacuzzi, Say no more! I also put in BrainWash in the Vinegar Syndrome suggestion box.

More to come later.

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