Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sex & Fury

 Sex & Fury Directed By Noribumi Suzuki. Starring Reiko Ike (1973) 
        A little girl runs toward a ball as her police detective uncle is slaughtered down a long corridor. A kaleidoscope of blood and flower cards decorate the credit sequence. 
  The setting takes place in 1905 as Japan's glory and conquest is achieved through wars and brought in modernity and political might. 
       Inoshika Ocho (Reiko Ike) plays a petty thief and samurai gambler who seeks revenge for her fathers murder. Later on an incredible naked sword fight ensues at the gambling house, she hops out of a tub and single-handedly dismembers an entire gang. The fighting is very stylized, like a ritualistic dance of death as snow flakes fall among the severed limbs and severed necks spray blood over her naked breasts, this was sequence was definitely lifted for Kill Bill.

          Ocho flees town on a train after that murderous incident. She pickpockets a locket with a picture of the one eyed hooker from Thriller: a Cruel Picture (or The call her One Eye). 
          She meets up with her adopted mother, who runs a brothel where they don't use condoms and think they are called rude sacks! One eye (Christina Lindberg) is apparently a master gambler and  gets pitted against Ocho, the tense game is broken up for a minute with gun shots. Christina Lindberg the Swedish sex kitten has both of her eyes intact and does a good job in this role as a spy. A virgin is deflowered by a man with a deer tattoo on a giant red and green mat. The tattoos have some significance, but I'm not sure what they mean.
The sexual debauchery gets going at the 30 minute mark as Lindberg is assaulted by her boss for being a bad secret agent. According to this movie being a female spy is the same as being a hooker because you must separate your brain from your body. Sexual Harassment obviously doesn't exist in the early 1900's and it seems like a shitty thankless job. Ocho and Christina are in love with the same man Shunosuke, but are unaware
Iwakura (Hiroshi Nawa) the lady defiler last seen on the red and green mat, years later working for the same director would play the rapist father in Star Of David: Hunting For Beautiful Girls. He is brilliant in roles as a demented sexually depraved lunatic.
Later on Ocho succeeds in murdering him by applying German poison to her vagina and luring him into her spider's web of cunnilingus
        Most of the men in this film are misogynistic politicians who barter their women to gain an upper hand, it comes with the territory in many Japanese sexploitation pink films. This one has a dramatic element that's sort of sweet, especially the tenderness of Christina and Shinosuke. 
        The boss who teaches lessons by way of rape, shows up later to kill Christina and her boyfriend. There's a crazy scene towards the end with a train full of nuns armed with knives that invokes heavy S&M between Christina and Ocho. She is used against her by the men in charge as ominous pipe organ plays, Ochu is whipped to death in a stained glass dungeon while the nuns silently look on. The same nuns later appeared in School Of The Holy Beast also directed by Suzuki. All the women share the bond of vengeance and deceit and they all used by men. The finally has some choice Hendrix-esque noodling music as Ocho takes a samurai sword and slices and dices, eviscerating more gang members as the red waves start streaming. This kill scene is done topless as she outruns bullets and brings down the last remaining futile politician. There would be no Kill Bill without this film or Lady Snowblood.   
        I love the Toei company, they are like a crane machine where its always a mixed bag of what you're gonna get. It could be a nazi sex film,a cheesy sci fi one like The Green Slime, Godzilla, Ultraman or Sonny Chiba and anytime I see those waves crashing among the rocks I know I'm in for something astounding! 
Now they call me 2 eyes

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