Monday, December 17, 2012

We're Going To Eat You

 We're Going To Eat You! Directed By Hark Tsui (1980).
It starts off with Chinese villagers pissing on Ducks (hopefully its not the famous Ping). The score immediately samples the terrifying Suspiria soundtrack by Goblin during some nice cannibal artwork. There are not many Asian Jungle Adventure films, so this one is very original (Raw Force is the only other one that comes to mind). Hark Tsui's use of distributing meat among the villagers is apparently an anti-communism statement. Gorilla face-plate men attack with giant shivs and carry an unfortunate villager to the butcher table as loud ducks and chickens are thrown into a steam pot. If you're not on board for loud sawing while entrails are pulled out as a comedy device (think Bad Taste era Peter Jackson) or splat-stick type comedy leave now! A mass gathering clamor around the freshly butchered human remains with a side of soggy boiled whole chicken. All the crazies in this community recycle the dead and their eyes bug out anytime fresh meat is offered, they must be hungry! There is ominous stock music throughout and the shot composition is very stylish. Many of the authentic hard faced actors look like they have mouth disorders and their face bones jut out. Everything is very wacky as everyone is excited to eat human flesh. CSA agent 999 is sent for Rolex the bandit, who is most likely in someone's lower intestine. Butcher instruments are rolled out and used combined with kung fu antics. Vietnam Rose, a female impersonator with syphilis looks like Mata Hairy from Lancelot Link. During a fight with garden tools the CSA agent rolls a cigarette off of someone's face.
      He is sent to the brick maze containing a slaughterhouse and met with hatchet and chain wielding masked cannibals. There's a Taoist Priest and a deranged chief who oppresses the island cannibals. The dinner bell is rung signally each new cannibal feast. Another agent wears John Lennon glasses and a floppy hat, he is trapped and put in a cage. It turns out Rolex is a reformed criminal and joins the agents. Some of the music is possibly taken from Pino Donaggio's score for Tourist Trap. We're Going to Eat You is one of the least bloody cannibal films out there, its more of a wacky cartoonish kung fu style film then anything.The fight scenes threaten to over saturate the cannibal aspects, since there's more fighting then gut chomping. There's an inspired final showdown with roller-skates and 

firecrackers. Hark Tsui is another director who reigned supreme in the 80's and 90's but hasn't been able to hit the mark once he crossed over to the U.S. Market. Its still fun though and worth checking out!  


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