Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Gestapo's Last Orgy

Gestapo's Last Orgy ( Caligula Reincarnated as Hitler) Directed By Cesare Canevari (1977).

    I used to hate the Naziploitation genre and would always avoid them (probably because I have a guilty conscience)! But after breaking down and watching all the Ilsa She Wolf Of the SS sequels and finding them to be a laugh riot! I figured I'd crackdown and review one for the blog. As vile and gruesome as this films can get you must always remember the "Last House" Mantra (It's only a movie....) and these aren't actual Nazis, so it's all done in good fun right? This one is pretty mean spirited!  it really gets under your skin, it sunk into my subconscious in the same way that baby puppet from A Serbian Film did. At first me and Skunkape were laughing it up as we watched Serbian Film together, but then it started to fester in our minds. Nice job Cesare Canevari just like that last film you've successfully mind fucked me up!
      This is supposedly a rip off of the highly regarded Criterion collection Nazi epic The Night Porter, so already I'm on board. It isn't quite that at all though!
       Commandant Starker (Adriano Micantoni), who looks to me like Martin Balsam meets up with his old girlfriend at a secluded mountain location. After that we are taken to a room full of naked prisoners and naked Nazi recruits (one wears a cast and puts his thumb up another soldier's butt)! they are shown a truly bizarre slide show of propaganda (incest, coprophagia, and a starving girl eating dog food) they are told these Jews are beneath contempt. The men seemed turned on by the footage and are instructed never to fornicate with a jew. After that display a "Laugh Inn" style orgy ensues with funny zoom ins, faster than you can say Sock it To Me!
        After that bit of hypocrisy, pregnant women are led into a furnace. The female prisoners (besides the ugly extras) all look like Italian fashion models many of them are very Aryan for supposedly Jewish women.There's melodramatic music all throughout Last Orgy. The female commander greets her women prisoners by checking which one is on her period then feeding the right one to hungry dobermans. This movie is so over the top and reprehensible that it doesn't disturb as much as become comical (but I realize that I am completely desensitized)! The table scene with all the Nazi's theorizing their retarded master race logic reminds me of the same morons talking about white supremacy in Farewell Uncle Tom.
       The Nazis all enjoy an actual cannibal feast of death camp prisoners as all the fashion models in the background faint! There is some hardcore jaded scenes in this Nazi-fetish creep fest and many scenes look like Mort Kunstler Nazi pulp artwork. The Night Porter elements are impossible to find, but there is an underlining cryptic pseudo love story (I didn't buy the bullshit this one or the Criterion one was selling)! This film is only watchable because it's all presented in high quality and the Nazi sex elements really grind on my nerves. The commander of the female prison area dominates Starker as he picks on a defensive blonde who pisses everyone off because she never shows any emotion. She is hung upside down naked while rats eat her vomit.  It turns out she is completely withdrawn and almost catatonic after the trauma seeing her family being killed and she blames herself. Boo Fucking Hoo! She is German apparently, (which doesn't make sense to me why they would torture one of their own losers). Maybe something was lost in the translation! The last ten minutes take a turn for the melodramatic as Lise rationalizes about the peace and testimony that Nazi germany will bring to the world!!? What the Fuck? She ditches her Nazi boyfriend for some dude in a soiled wig. It all seems tacked on and reminds me of the bullshit positive message added to the last couple minutes of Faces Of Death, just completely out of place and repulsive! Then again if you were here for an Auschwitz style soap opera you should go die. Von Starker is humiliating Lise behind her back unlike The Night Porter and there is no relationship between them.
    I don't believe that any film should be banned like this one was, because it just has the reverse effect and the public will only want to watch it more and seek it out. There's absolutely no reason a vile film like this should exist and I can't image why you'd want to subject yourself to it. That being said as ugly as this film gets, it never reaches the pinnacle of sickness and dread that films like Cannibal Holocaust and Man Behind the Sun have given me but it truly is offensive. Enjoy!

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