Sunday, December 9, 2012

Her Vengeance

 Her Veangence (Xue Mei Gui, Bloody Rose) (1988)Directed by Nam Nai Choi Starring Pauline Wong.
      It starts off with bunch of drunk gangsters rickshawing around a sleazy HK town then stopping in to check out the Vegas Can Can show. The music is extremely wacky!
Chieh-Ying (Pauline Wong from Mr. Vampire) plays the heroine. She is followed by the stalkers and beaten to a bloody mess, then sexually assaulted by the gang (this rape scene must have been lost or something because the video quality is muddy looking). One of them leaves his lighter behind, a very dumb move, because it has an address that leads her to them. She later goes to see a gynecologist for her vaginal trauma. The Doctor tells her in a viciously blunt way that she has AIDS (he's a little too indiscreet and tells her it can be cured with a lot of money)! She flips out and beats the shit out of him. Ying confides in her blind sister, who is very introspective and even tells her to kill the bastards.
      All the men in this film are oversexed gamblers and the women have no choice but to seek retaliation. She tracks down the first scumbag at the "San Francisco Club". It turns out to be the wrong guy and she smashes his face with a bottle accidentally. It does however lead to a job working for her sister's old boyfriend Hsiang (a unibrow-less Ching-Ying Lam). Lam is a total badass and fights in a wheel chair (but doesn't use his usual sorcery to battle anyone like in Magic Cop or Mr. Vampire). Chieh-Ying has an obvious chip on her shoulder, but also feels that she needs to prove something to her blind sister and Hsiang, her current manager, because she fears looking weak. 
     Cheih uses her new prostitute friends to lure in some of the gangsters toward the "SF Club" because none of them really hang out there. She traps one of the gangsters called Longfellow (who incessantly giggles, sticking his teeth out like a horse). She snips his ear off with scissors then strangles him (again this scene must have been edited out for the mainstream market because the film quality changes). Cheih tricks another dumb gangster into thinking he's inheriting insurance money, she throws acid in his face but fails to murder him. The gangsters are up to sinister antics and later, dope up girls and shoot underage porn.The acid faced rapist slices Chieh's roomate with a straight razor and her sister ends up being thrown off a balcony. 
       There's a crazy death defying wheelchair montage as Hsiang and Cheih start to respect one another and they eventually form an alliance. There's a cool montage as they build traps and weapons to take down the scumfuck rapists.They set up the SF Club as a death trap full of boiling oil, flying arrows and general carnage. The last 20 minutes drop in film quality, so they must have cut out the violent ending, how could they justify that? See the uncut version only.    
        Chas Balun compared this to "I Spit On Your Grave", its totally unrelated. Cheih- Ying should have seen MS. 45 to see that all you need is some lipstick and a gun to enact quick revenge and not kill all of your friends in the process.   
 This one has a nice balance of quality action and sleaze that fans of either genre can enjoy. The dramatic elements work and draw you in and I never felt they were awkward among the excessive violence.  

1988 Fashions


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