Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Devil's Honey

 The Devil's Honey Directed by Lucio Fulci (1986) Starring Stefano Madia
    Like most Italian horror fans I've seen all the best (Gates of Hell, The Beyond, Zombi 2) and the worst (Conquest, Sweet House of Horrors, Murder Rock) of the Fulci catalog.
       The Devil's Honey is so ridiculously raunchy that it's both horrible and awesome at the same time! I remember seeing this late one night on Cinemax during middle school in 1987. It's been impossible to find ever since! At the time it wasn't available at any video stores and I never felt like tracking down this cheesy Italian soft porn. Although I'm glad I did now because there are some weird images stuck in my head that I wasn't sure if I imagined them or not! For instance there's a scene where a girl wearing stockings up to her belly button, paints and fingers herself with nail polish! Or a guy gets a handjob while riding a motorcycle with his girlfriend played by Blanca Marsillach.
        This is Fulci's take on 9 & 1/2 Weeks. Johnny played by Stefan Madia's saxophone exudes sexual powers so mind blowingly erotic that they would peel the panties off a dead nun! He is the fake 80's era Mickey Rourke of the Fulci world and blows his sax up his girlfriend Jessica's cooch (she gyrates on it like a baboon in heat)! The saxophone music sounds like Whamm or Sade. Nothing about this movie reads Fulci, kinda how Crimes of Passion doesn't really read Ken Russell, but both are extremely entertaining in a sleazy eurotrash way! All the women in this film have an Ashlyn Gere, Diane Franklin attractiveness. 
Brett Halsey plays a surgeon who hates his wife played by Corrine Clery (Yor, Moonraker). He becomes the object of Jessica's hatred after her boyfriend dies in an accident. She loses her mind and humiliates the poor surgeon and the scriptwriter has made a great deal of effort to make him look like a shitty person.The surgeon is addicted to prostitutes and constantly berates his wife. Jessica traps him in her apartment, bonks him with an axe handle, sics a German Shepard on him and makes him piss his pants. Later on she makes him eat dog food and gets increasingly more demented! The end of the film starts to catch up with Jessica's warped mind as she escapes into the past and her boyfriend may not have been as great as the audience is lead to believe.      
I have the feeling this film might get taken down soon, but check it out if you want to feel like a pervy 12 year old watching bad soft core late night on cable in the 80's.
Motorcycle handjob


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  1. This move i watched some 20 years ago, and i still remember it as the best movie ever.
    I try to buy it, but it,s not possible to get it.
    Really strange.


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