Thursday, November 29, 2012

Naked Killer

 The Naked Killer Directed By Clarence Fok Yiu-leung (1992) Starring Simon Yam
      This film is blatantly ripping off Basic Instinct and La Femme Nikita and the whole thing looks great, but doesn't add up to much! I've been waiting so long to see it (between the long wait on Netflix and it taking forever to show up on Youtube)!
The beginning looks like an Asian Red Shoe Diaries. The sequel Raped By An Angel (was alot more extreme) it even had an "AIDS Clown", I saw that before the original. The subtitles come at you fast and furious I had to stop this a few times to process what I was watching! Everything looks like a hyper stylized Pepsi commercial. The attractive women are all prone to extreme genital violence (one guy loses a ball, another is shot in the dick and another is stabbed in the balls)!

       Simon Yam former Dr. Lamb plays Mr. Tinam, a traumatized cop whose brother was killed and works for a lunkhead boss who keeps telling him to shave and get a haircut (like that will improve his psyche)? He drinks milk with a straw and vomits when anyone points a gun at him, he's trying to solve the case. Kitty flirts severely with Tinam in a short red skintight number and threatens to have sex on his car, but doesn't. Later her father catches his wife cheating, flips out and accidentally stabs himself with scissors while falling down the stairs. She tracks down the cheater (his name is Bee) at his corporate office and in the process shoots him, his henchmen and all innocent bystanders at work (the bodies literally pile up)! She fires rounds like Chow Yun Fat in an early John Woo flick. She teams up with Sister Cindy who in a parking garage becomes a one woman wrecking machine, bouncing from car to car while both guns fire repeatedly. She kicks in windshields and dives off the outside of the parking garage Bruce Willis style while tied to a firehose. Sister Cindy is a professional killer and recruits Kitty into her underworld first by scrubbing off her fingertips in her sleep and putting her through rigorous training (she keeps a rapist in her basement and forces Kitty to kill him).
      Later Kitty assumes another identity(with a large Orange hat) and has fun torturing her boyfriend Mr. Tinam. He becomes obsessed with her because she can cure his impotence. Miss Kitty threatens their relationship and says "Only losers fall in love with heartless men". There is one scene of nudity in a blood drenched pool, it's definitely watchable, but not mandatory. There is a poison lipstick Kung Fu lesbian fight to watch out for. This is all pretty tame considering The Hong Kong king of sleaze (Jing Wong) is on board!

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