Friday, November 16, 2012

Baby Blood

 Baby Blood Directed By Alain Robak. Starring Emmanuelle Escourrou (1990)
      It starts off with volcano footage as a forbidding menace waits to be born. As mankind was spawned in Africa, this creature excluded it self from that genesis. Baby Blood uses this premise, that an evil child awaits to emerge from the womb of its chosen mother, a busty  gapped toothed French carny named Yanka. 
      The circus animals act hostile around her and she escapes town after a tiger explodes in a drippy gooey red mess. She has no self respect and sleeps around with who ever can move her onto the next town. I almost forgot one other thing, the unborn child speaks in a demonic voice that only she can hear! It sounds like a french version of the goblins in the tv movie version of Don't Be Afraid of the Dark. One night while she sleeps a snake defiles gapped tooth Yanka (this seems to be an Eden reference, since the genesis of mankind is what lead us to all this trouble). The baby commands her to kill and she tries suicide a few times with it screaming at her not to! She acts as a vessel for the unborn child's blood lust, it even says feed me like in Little Shop Of Horrors!
      Months fly by during each fade out and eventually she ends up working as a waitress in a greasy spoon. For some inside jokey reason there is a poster for Baby Blood 2 on the wall (hold up Robak, we're not finished with this one yet)! 
The baby controls her mind like Aylmer from Brain Damage. Unlike that film the baby doesn't give her an awesome drug injection in return, only constant bitching and it craves blood all the time. Why she doesn't abort it right away is a head scratcher and there's no preachy conservative right to life message either! 
This film is a mixture of Baxter (The Nazi French dog) and Hellraiser. Eventually she's reduced to stabbing random strangers and even has sex with a former circus clown. Gapped tooth Yanka has a great body and never seems to be showing any evidence of carrying a baby (could it be all in her mind)?
The baby gets pissed when she smokes as she threatens to stab it. There's a very creative scissor cam shot that flows in and out of the clown's butchered stomach!
There's some hilarious French punks and even a fake Rik Mayall looking character. The version on Youtube goes in and out of French & English, but you only miss a fraction of dialogue. Yanka starts killing without the babies instructions and its hard to feel sympathy for her. She robs a mobile blood bank with a toy gun and slurps down a plasma bag. There's a bizarre air canister used as a weapon to blow someone to bits. An Alien like tentacle attack on a fat bus driver's face. The baby needs to find the sea and be born there, it is an ancient species. Baby Blood is very underrated and hardly mentioned, I don't think of the French as cornering the gore market but I really need to check out more films from that scene.

Gapped Tooth Yanka

Baby can shed it's skin

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