Friday, November 23, 2012


 Frightmare (Cover Up) Directed by Peter Walker. Starring Sheila Keith (1974).
       Having just watched House Of Whipchord, this is the best Peter Walker film I’ve seen so far. In 50’s London at an amusement park, unfortunate victim Barry Nichol’s face is eaten off by fortune telling cannibals. For this crime against humanity, Ed & Dorothy Yates are sentenced to a mental ward. Now in the present setting down at The Toby Jug some bikers get into a fight, they stomp a poor innocent bartender for refusing to serve 15 year old Tart Debbie. Jackie and Debbie are the sibling offspring of the Yates parents. Jackie, the older sister brings her mother animal brains to tide over her cannibal cravings that have yet to subside. They now live in a stone cottage farm that’s bathed in black and red shadows. Her eerie mother visits Jackie in a nightmare with a ghostly face and red eye sockets (that’s the artwork on the cover). Jackie always has to cover up for her parents human meat addiction and wants to lead a normal life. The mother gets stir crazy being sentenced to the farm (those red lights must be acting like the Kenny Rogers sign in that Seinfeld episode, switching their rods and cones all around)! Debbie the troubled tart has been kept away from her parents and later reconnects with them in a disturbing way. The mother tricks her victims into her lair with psychic readings (I’m guessing that was her method before too).
         She uses a drill on one victim and yells “There’s no Future” like Johnny Rotten as she stabs another girl with a flaming hot poker. To justify the killings to her husband, who is her corpse burying bitch, is that no one will miss them! I would say if you want to check out any Peter Walker films see this one first (it’s the least dry British) and very entertaining! 
WATCH HERE (you need a Creepster account)

I card all those under 30 and look where it got me!

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