Sunday, November 25, 2012

Werewolf Woman

 Werewolf Woman(La Lupa Mannara, The Legend of the Wolf Woman, She-Wolf, Terror of the She Wolf and Naked Werewolf Woman) directed by Rino De Silvestro. Starring Annik Borrel. 1976 
      According to IMDB this is one of Quentin Tarantino’s favorite surprise films to freak people out at the Cinema Drafthouse. I had seen parts of this movie on Reel Wild Cinema or maybe it was on those video comps that Something Weird put out, not sure! It’s super dumb! 
      A naked blonde (Annik Borrel) who had before this acted in one of my favorite dopey blaxploits, Truck Turner! She plays the werewolf woman and in the opening gyrates around a circle of fire. In her werewolf form she has ugly hairy cone shaped boobs! Over dubbed villagers with torches show up and she plunges an axe into one pilgrim’s head as it spits out copious amounts of ketchup! This movie is like a pressure test (can you make it all the way through? I failed many scenes were just too stupid and I had to fast forward). Skunkape used to prank people in the same Tarantino way but with a Ron Jeremey porn instead called Fatliners! That smut would shock the beejeesus out of anything with a pulse! As for Werewolf Woman the overdubbing is extra loud and sometimes incomprehensible! There’s some priceless dialogue and Lancelot Link style dubbing. Her doctor prescribes plenty of sunshine for her nightmares and sexual phobia! There’s tons of full bush (werewolf and regular). The werewolf lady definitely has old man phobia not sexual because she’s super horny for everyone else besides her husband! She has the shittiest, most untrustworthiest Dr. who should diagnose her a horny werewolf and be done with it! There are a lot of dull sex scenes to fall asleep to. There’s maybe two shots of a full moon and one of her transforming into a wolf, so something else is going on besides regular lycanthropy. There’s a scene where a Robert Loggia look-a-like tries to rape her and she bites his face! Later three bikers break in and rape her but end up stabbing each other by accident! It all ends with the werewolf girl having a cookout that’s interrupted by police dogs with a Dragnet Style narration tacked on. Yet another lame Video Nasty that scared uptight Brits in the 80’s that nowadays comes off very tame and dull.

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