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Ebola Syndrome

Ebola Syndrome Directed by Herman Yau
Starring Anthony Wong (1996)

Reviewed By Crankenstein aka Erok Hellhammer.

     Anthony Wong is the main man for repulsive quality films. In a 2005 interview, Wong stated that amongst his prolific output in the 1980s and 1990s, a considerable amount of these films were poor and exploitative, for example Raped by an Angel 4: The Raper's Union, which he does not hold in high esteem. He has no regrets, that's because he desperately needed the money to support his wife, two sons and his mother who suffers from dementia.

Director Herman Yau Lai-To started off slow and then delved into nasty territory with Taxi Hunter (which we’ve yet to review because I felt that it was pretty mundane). Taxi Hunter also starred TOG favorite Anthony Wong. Next in 1993 came The Untold Story which was the source of bleak uncompromising hardcore dark parody that Ebola attempts to lampoon. You don’t need to see both films to understand the context, they both work separately on a brutal level. Besides the fact that both characters work in a kitchen and are psychotic maniacs, I don’t really see that many similarities. Neither films are very amusing, although ES works on a grimy level in the vein of those Blanche Knott tasteless joke books from the 80s. They only work if you are a sick motherfucker who chuckles at forced entry and dismemberment or a typical episode of the Family Guy.

         Be forewarned, whatever you do before you watch this film, don’t eat anything. I kept thinking about this awesome lunch that I really wanted to enjoy—and even though I ate it—my squeamish brain wouldn’t let myself enjoy it. The comedy and gore sluice forward in equal measure. There’s food fucking, constant rape, fried human flesh that magically turns into “African buns”. These are all comedy devices for Herman Yau (the director of Run and Kill, Bunman 1-3).

         We begin with pervert maniac Kai (Anthony Wong) in the middle of having sex with his boss's wife. His crooked boss is played by the one and only Shing Fui-On from the Blue Jean Monster. As their child waits outside, he goes into their apartment and turns the tables on his attacker. She gives him an unwanted golden shower just before his snips her tongue off. 

I've heard of Chop Suey but this is ridiculous!

He then evades capture by sneaking off to S. Africa where he contracts the nasty disease featured in the title by raping a comatose woman who barfs into his mouth. This movie is beyond disgusting, it’s as if they had a bucket list of the grossest, foulest, nastiest shit they could dream up. One example that happens towards the beginning is meat fucking, as in Wong’s character, who now works in a kitchen splits open raw liver and begins to screw it. Later, on, he bites a woman’s tongue off then hacks her up and grinds her body into meat patties. This movie is seriously unpleasant and impossible to enjoy for the average timid horror fan.

get some African bun helper.

After he infects a bunch of customers and makes them unwilling cannibals by feeding them ground up human meat, he leaves town. It just gets more revolting from there on as he raw dogs two chubby hookers. Lots of random people begin convulsing and then die violently.

just another bareback night in Hong Kong.

get this over to Taco Bell stat

The dialogue is hilarious because it shifts all over the place and is wildly offensive. There’s a "Little Shop of Horrors" inspired inside view of teeth where germs are sprayed on people’s food. The final minutes are incredible as Wong kidnaps a girl and bites hunks out of his arm and sprays blood and spit at people, turning his body into a weapon. A category III classic! The best part about Anthony Wong is that he is still in demand as an actor and well respected, if any American had appeared in something so viciously repulsive he would be shunned forever and probably would've died broke. And yet Wong continues on and is working today, good for him I say, he’s a brilliant force in grisly Hong Kong CAT III cinema.

Dell's version of Asian Wooly Willy

If you don't believe that this is one sick flick then just watch this Trailer!
Ebola Express

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