Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ebola Syndrome

Ebola Syndrome Directed by Herman Yau
Starring Anthony Wong (1996)

     Anthony Wong is the main man for repulsive quality films. In a 2005 interview, Wong stated that amongst his prolific output in the 1980s and 1990s, a considerable amount were poor and exploitative movies such as Raped by an Angel 4: The Raper's Union which he does not hold in high esteem. He has no regrets, however, because he needed the money to support his wife, two sons and his mother. (source Wikipedia). 

    Warning what ever you do before you watch this film, don’t eat anything. I kept thinking about this awesome lunch that I really wanted to enjoy—and even though I ate it—my squeamish brain wouldn’t let myself enjoy it. The comedy and gore sleuce forward in equal measure. There’s food fucking, constant rape, fried human flesh that magically turns into “African buns”. These are all comedy devices for Herman Yau (the director of Run and Kill, Bunman 1-3). The dubbing is hilarious because it shifts all over the place with wildly offensive dialogue. There’s a "Little Shop Of Horrors" inspired inside view of teeth spraying germs on peoples food and later of course they die. The final minutes are incredible as Wong kidnaps a girl and bites hunks out of his arm and sprays them at people, turning his body into a weapon. A category III classic! The best part about Anthony Wong is that he is still in demand as an actor and well respected, if any American had appeared in something so viciously repulsive he would be shunned forever and probably died broke.
Click this link only if you are extemely brave BEWARE!

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