Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mission statement

My goal for this blog is to showcase my inept ability as a film critic. A poseur Leonard Maltin, Jay Sherman, Siskel & Ebert, Gene Shallit. And tackle the most precious of all gore movie catalogs from the days of VHS the Deep Red Chas Balun catalog I've had since 1993 which goes from Anthropophagus all the way to Zu Warriors of Magic Mountain.
Chas Balun passed away on Dec 2009. I had corresponded with him through out high school in 1990 and discovered him through an ad in Fangoria for the most gruesome chunk blower flicks in existence. The first one I ever ordered was Bad Taste (and at my local videostore they actually added a second finger to the alien's middle to give it the appearance of a peace sign). Things are very different now and sadly video stores are becoming extinct.

Between You tube, Netflix (instant and rent), Fandor, and Hulu I've been able to view all of these once rare 15 dollar tapes that in the 90's, I would have to suffer through weeks of waiting by the mail box, but no longer. I'd be forced to slug it out through Japanese subtitles from laser discs and shitty grainy dupes. Now with every specific frame available in high resolution all the You tube heroes who have painstakingly uploaded their own collections have unnecessarily had their films taken down from the copyright pricks who troll the internet and shut down rare films, sometimes not even available on DVD at all. The goal for this blog is to review almost every film in this catalog and in some cases refer to the Video Nasty list. There are 300 plus titles in the catalog though. I also want to guide you to where you can, for a limited time watch them for free. Some reviews will be through all and others very short. Some will be taken from my previous blog. This is a project I started last summer and is a long time mission. Many of the films are in the Deep Red catalog because they are repulsive in general, but mainly Italian or Asian Gore films, Anime, some Hammer films, some late night sci fi oddities and a couple of Gawd Awful Clunkers. They were misunderstood or rejected because of their content and reserved for gore hounds only that would put up with such dreck. So lets get started and thanks for reading.

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