Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Torture Chamber Of Dr. Sadism

The Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism Directed Harald Reinl. Starring Christopher Lee (1967)
There is as much ghoulish imagery in this as Mario Bava film and some elements borrowed later for Pan’s Labrinth (some of the drawn and quartered and Bosch paintings reminded me of  the scene with the child eating creature). Count Recula played by Christopher Lee is accosted by red hooded executioners who nail a smiley face mask over his face. The story is loosely based on The Pit and The Pendulum in that there's a pendulum, but not much else related to the original Poe story. Lee returns from the grave to destroy the ones left that are related to his accusers. There are trap doors, skull filled rooms, ghoulish trees with human limbs that scare the shit out of the coachman who freaks out and has a heart attack out of fright. Ray Harryhausen regenerating bullet holes and classic gothic horror.This is on DVD with Death Smiles At Murder the debut of Joe D'Amato, this one is more enjoyable and coherent.

Watch it Here

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