Friday, September 14, 2012

Death Weekend (or Last House by the Lake)

House By The Lake (Death Weekend) Directed by William Fruet (1976)
A Canadian Last House inspired rip off that often played in double bills with the notorious classic. Don Stroud froths at the mouth over Brenda Vaccaro and her wimpy boyfriend pissing him and his cronies off. Stroud looks like Frankenstein all decked out in denim with a Beatles wig. Apparently in Canada there are drunk hillbillies who start wild car chases and lead drooling maniacs toward hideouts. Lake is filled with anti-dentite rhetoric. By that statement I mean they make dentists looks like pervy rapers. The main character lures his girl friend up to his cabin, which has one way shower mirrors that Chuck Shamata who plays the creepy dentist, leers into. Lake never achieves the David Hess level of emotional trauma and instead poses its way through to the end. It comes off like a high brow H.G. Lewis flick with drooly Canadian hillbillies (thanks for bringing this rare breed to my attention Mr. Fruet). Watchable, but nothing very special.Very over long excellent review found here

The film has yet to receive a quality DVD release so watch the grainy version here

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