Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Black Cat

Black Cat Directed by Lucio Fulci (1981)Starring Patrick Macgee
Fulci made this film between two of his greatest achievements, City of The Living Dead and The Beyond. So what happened? Did he need a breather? After all this is the Italian king of the zombies. He sent Giannetto De Rossi away and said no thanks to his grisly makeup effects lab. Opting instead for what Argento does so well, foreboding creepiness. Fulci can’t make it without equal parts spookiness and visceral horror. He needs both elements otherwise it all falls apart. There are shots of eyeballs, upon close ups of eyeballs, I mean there is a full throttle staring contest going on in Black Cat! This is another loosely (barely) based attempt on the Poe story. Patrick Magee fresh from Chariots of Fire thankfully wasn’t dubbed--like everyone usually is in these films. He has such an amazingly creepy voice. Mimsy Farmer’s Charlie Bucket wig receives some bitch smacks from abusive bats. The classic Fulci cast is represented (minus Catriona Maccoll). Poor Daniela Doria, the bleeding eyed, gut vomiting girl is back for more abuse, I mean what makes her want to work for Fulci over and over again, she must be a glutton for punishment. Watch Here
Why YESS Mr. Fulci I'll be in your ridiculous gore free Poe epic.

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