Monday, September 17, 2012

Messiah Of Evil

Messiah Of Evil Directed by Williard Huyck. Starring Marianna Hill. (1973)
Messiah of Evil is one of those late night trashy flicks that has incredible dialogue and begins in an asylum, right from the start it pins you down Clock Work Orange style and feverishly holds you in its grip. I recognized the actress right away from The Baby which came out the same year as this in 1973. Marianna Hill plays Arletty who spouts all the deranged lines with conviction.It takes place in a run down hillbilly town and has one of the eeriest unknown classic characters; a black albino who feasts on rats and drives around in a pick up truck murdering different locals. That's no makeup either (he's a genuine albino) which gives it an extra special level of weirdness.Gloria Katz and Williard Huyck the same chuckle heads behind The Howard the Duck movie, Temple of Doom and American Graffitti (there's where the George Lucas connection started). Just like Mansion of The Doomed, don't let that get your goat! You'll miss out on a great time!Check out the hap haphazardly thrown together cast (or maybe IMDB is on the fritz again) cast there's a pile of unknowns, uncredited and two old wacky B movie character actors that most people are familiar like; Royal Dano and Elisha Cook Jr. (whose last credit oddly enough was on ALF). There's some liberties taken from NOTLD and Carnival of Souls and it could all be a dream, its ambiguous. There is some jabbing at artsy types, vampires/zombies that wear suits and run around a supermarket eating raw meat (which for some reason reminded me of They Might Be Giants).I don't remember any actual Messiah of Evil though, maybe I should watch it again. Excellent review found here  Code Red keeps threatening to put out a new transferred DVD with extras and interviews, hopefully they will.Until then it's available either to buy on Amazon or check it out on YouTube. You can also check out Internet Archives to download the film

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