Thursday, September 13, 2012


Anguish Directed by Bigas Luna (1987)
            This film within a film within a film gets very confusing and causes the title to happen to the viewer. My favorite out of all the films trapped in this one, which should have been the only film is called The Mommy with Michael Lerner and Zelda Rubenstein. There are extreme closeups, forced perspectives where birds look giant. At one point Zelda grows giant size and towers over her son (who has been in tons of Cohen Brothers films). Michael Lerner looks like he’s related to Al Delveccio from Happy Days and I was expecting him to convince people that he should stop over for their place to help finish off that family sized On-cor meal. Killers are in the theater watching the film and though its tedious, its still a lot of fun.

 Very long and well thoughtout review of this film found here
It may come back on youtube but for now it's in the void of obscurity (not available on NF just for sale)

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