Thursday, September 13, 2012

I Drink Your Blood


I Drink Your Blood. Directed by David E. Durston starring Bhaskar (1970)
Durston did his homework in the study of rabies, the satan worshiping Manson inspired hippie cult froth at the mouth, appear frenzied and become terrified of water. Even before they contract rabies by way of an 11 year old's brilliant plan for revenge they seem at each others throats, if anything the rabies calms them down!
Hydrophobia for lunch!
I doubt anyone else besides David Durston would devise such a ghastly form or vengeance then infected meat pies with rabid dog’s blood! One of the girl’s reluctance to join in the mutilation and sacrifice connects the Manson cult to her little brother and their grandfather is given LSD, which starts all the trouble.
The excellent commentary between the director and Bhaskar Roy Chowdhury is hilarious and informative. Bhaskar ran a dance company in New York and during a stage fall became paralyzed for life. He is incredible as Horace Bones the leader of this scummy bunch. Each player has their own goofy persona (there’s the slut, the pregnant one, the punching bag, the loose cannon (Rollo), the stoic Asian woman (Sue Lin) and the rest. Durston wanted to fuck shit up with this horror film and make it so vile and repulsive that it would out do Night of The Living Dead. He took the Italian horror approach of utilizing real animals (most seem already dead). In the commentary he describes and incident where he filled a fridge with rat corpses and told some of the crew to fetch him a beer, knowing full well that they would reach in and pull out a dead rat, man what fun that set must have been!? A real snake dies, a chicken’s throat is severed and a goat falls apart into taco meat as a construction worker drags it along the street. During the commentary they keep making fun of this actor because whenever his hair was out of place he’d go ape shit and cut it! 
my hair's fucked up, but this one is fine!

The commentary really brings this unpleasant film to a new level of hilarity. Many of the cast members were real dancers and perfectly choreographed their axe and sword battles and other amazing fight scenes (using REAL weapons no less)! I can just imagine a Producers like audition scenario where every fake Charles Manson looking dancer shows up and after the director yells “We are only seeing Singing Mansons!” then the sad looking scruffy hobos pirouette away! Grindhouse Releasing’s meticulous rescue of the butchered cut of this film deserves high praise! There was a strange censorship war going on (which is mentioned in the commentary) where you could never find a complete print that wasn't scissored in some way. When I ordered this from Chas Balun it was even incomplete! Now thankfully it’s available in its intended form uncut. I highly recommend you watch the dvd then on instant because it is packed with must see extras that are never included online.

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