Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Inquisition. Directed by Paul Naschy. Starring Paul Naschy (1976).
This is a director who I've avoided almost all of my horror movie watching life. Mainly because I'm sceptical or someone who does it all or one man wrecking crew, multitasking and wearing every hat in the box. He directs and acts (dons the crepe werewolf yarn barn hair fangs and all). Although I am a raving loony for a good witch burning flick!
This one is pretty decent. Naschy basically mocks the Colonial Spain perspective on heresy and Catholic witch torture. Unlike most of the other Hammer /euro sleaze like Mark of The Devil, Twins of Evil, Witch finder General and to a small extent Ken Russell's The Devils, instead of Spain you get The Cromwell run middle aged England. Some of the parade of inquisitors and devils are straight out of a Goya painting. There is a dash of melodrama hidden beneath the usually imperialistic, hypocritical horror elements found in many of these 70's hag films. A one eyed hentchman captures a few bathing beauties because in his mind they must be witches to not have sex with him. Most of the films that deal with this subject matter have men that are insecure and impotent, to cure their limp dicks they must sear the flesh off of innocent women (makes sense in a tyrant dominated male society right)? There are sadistic cruel happenings down in the cellar while the inquisitor yanks a whole nipple off a tender breast with metal pinchers and the guy next to it continues to enjoy his lunch.This in no way out does Mark Of The Devil for it's gore content or the Bloody Judge for its star power and scenes of  full bush. It is however a nice gateway film into the career of Paul Naschy who should get more credit for his work. Here ya go

Outtake from The Princess Bride

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