Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Roku, Fandor and The Already Seen

So here it is my love letter to Roku. Blechh I love you, you goddamn robot for if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be able to be comfortable in front of my TV. I'd have to suffer hunched over with gnarled fingers and bleary eyes squinting at the computer screen and believe me I've done it! Actually when I got tired of that I'd turn the computer toward the couch and watch from far away and try to make out what the characters looked like, that was the fucking worst man. What can we watch from the Chas Balun catalog as Roku viewers and subscribers? The instant world is a calming one, soon videostores will die out and a new master race of any program you desire will be implanted into your brain. May your DVD/Blue Ray collection fade out and blow away like so much dust.
Join Future Civilization of Instant only brain implanted entertainment.

 For more rare films found in the catalog check out Fandor (thanks to Roger Ebert's blog for the tip on that). It has such gems available as Saviour of The Soul, Evil Dead Trap, They call her One Eye, Entrails of a Beautiful Girl, Guts of a Virgin, The Exterminator, Blood and Black Lace,Organ, Whip and The Flesh, Strange Behavior. Get a trial like I did and watch until your eyeballs melt out of your head. Check out my other gushy ramblings about Roku <right there
So back to the catalog (since no copies exist online). The catalog has shifted a few times but then been revised and as far I know most of the films were reshuffled and updated. An early red printed copy that I ordered with Christopher Lee's eyeballs from Dracula AD 1972 was on the front. It has I Drink Your Blood, Cannibal Apocalypse, Eaten Alive, Holocaust, Ferox and Jungle Holocaust. Some of these are a whatterya kidding? why haven't you seen these yet you idiot? They have since been considered already seen.There are a few Hammer Films included for some odd reason that don't seem that exciting. Case in point Blood from the Mummy's Tomb, to my mind this is the least worthy Hammer Film especially over such visceral action like Vampire Circus. That one blows the Mummy away as far as gore content, nudity and high entertainment value! Top Quality companies like early Anchor Bay, Blue Underground, Media Blasters and Shriek Show have since put out Criterion style DVD's of most of the coveted already seen staples. Later on I will review all of the Cannibal films separately and go into detail which ones I feel are the best and why. STAY TUNED...

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