Monday, February 4, 2013

Run and Kill

Run And Kill (Wu Syu). Directed By Billy Tang. Starring Kent Chuang. (1993)
            Surfin Bird, McDonalds lovin Chinese Grimace or Fatty (Kent Chuang) has the perfect life. He has a precocious daughter and a supermodel looking wife, what could possibly go wrong?
            Almost everything, especially if you find your wife cheating and like a sad sack instead of confronting the fuckers, you go drown your sorrows in whisky and cheeseburger grease! While our fat hero is down at a gangster bar (like in Star Wars, nothing but scum and villainy), too drunk to move, sloshing around, telling everyone he wants his wife and family dead, he is robbed. A cute punk girl steals his money and accidentally pays some hitmen to kill his entire family, this scenario isn’t very realistic, but never forget, its only a movie!
            Clearly all the mayhem that escalates can be attributed to alcohol, but this whole situation is total fantasy (or a nightmare)!
            The famous Dr. Lamb (Simon Yam), plays Ching Fung a sadistic war vet who is the wrong guy for the fat man to have on his side. He’s squeezed into a corner with nowhere to go, because one side’s idea of fun is jabbing giant straws into kneecaps and watching the victim twitch. And the alternative is to join up with an even more depraved version of Dr. Lamb in military garb. Run And Kill is a cautionary tale, warning people to not drink and hang out with killers or your family will suffer and your cute daughter will get burned up. This fat lummox is so likeable that it’s hard to blame him for causing the death of his daughter. The film gets viciously cruel toward the end as the BBQ’d daughter’s corpse is used like a puppet ("daddy I’m all burned up") and its head pops off. The punishment inflicted on Dr. Lamb doesn’t really fit the crime. The whole weak scenario toward the end reminded me of the end of Savage Streets, both protagonists had a lot of time to enact revenge and instead dragged it out, so it got very frustrating! Fatty yells," Now he’s dead, now he’s dead", over and over again ad nauseum and sweats bullets it’s a frantic sight as everything goes up in flames and it ends there with Dr. Lamb exploding. If you can find it, its worth checking out.


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