Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chinese Torture Chamber Story 2

Chinese Torture Chamber Story 2 Directed By Kin-Nam Cho. Starring Yolinda Yam (1998)
  Due to popular demand, I bring you Chinese Torture fans what you've been drooling over, part 2! An entirely new cast is back for more period piece style punishment (that's a truckload of P's)!
What happens in this sequel? There's someone named Ma (I'm picturing Big Ma from Dr. Detroit is gonna hop out any moment for that promised sequel, the Wrath Of Mom)! 

  No wait! it's a dude named Ma, ohh I should have known, Jing Wong, you old trickster! A bunch of executioners in hoods show up, they look like a Chinese Mentors cover band and squeeze our new heroine, Lotus' tits off in an itchy net! Just like the first film, it flashes back to what led everyone into this sticky situation. 
  Three shirtless bros go fishing, one is named Wong, Wong can fish. They bring Mr. Mom (Ha! get it?) back to their hut for some hospitality and treat him like he's above them (there's that caste system at work again). Wong's wife is super horny and precedes to seductively lick a fried fish.The fried fish babe and Wong bang a gong for a long time. Even though they are poor criminal farmers, Ma forces them to pray and swear that they will never rob again, but they are awful at hunting and may starve and die. 
  Mr. Ma sails away and leaves them for a little while, but then returns to pick up Lotus. Now into the present, they show her get squeezed again in the net, while this sicko slices pieces of her flesh. Ma has a torture dungeon and henchmen who inflict pain by way of creative torture techniques. One gruesome scene has a flaming hot death dildo going up a female bandit's cooter.
  Ma is a secret sadist that justifies his actions of brain removal and perverted execution by saying all thieves are enemies of the state and should be dealt with. I think they intentionally waited 30 minutes in to bring the pain train, so that people who didn't expect it got slapped over the head, nice work Jing Wong, I'd expect nothing less. 
Mommy Don't Play That!
  Mr. Ma puts a vampire mask on the bitchiest woman in the world's vagina and even acts like a bloodsucker. There's a flashback and forward scene with genital violence in both segments. Fans of the skullcracking mercury antics of the first film should be satisfied with that amount of carnage. One poor unfortunate bastard's chompy bits are mixed with some wine and squashed like a tomato. Then they break out the swords and start dismembering. Wong ends up a human puppet with boiling oil getting poured into his ear canals and his lips sewn up Dee Snider in Strangeland style.   
  Unlike the first film, they don't establish enough sympathy for you to identify with each character, however there is enough bloodshed and sex to keep it entertaining.
  I'm not that heartless and did start to feel sorry for them toward the end. Ma ends up getting what he deserves and the payoff is well worth sticking around for! Check it out and stay classy torture fans. 
You win the prize

Red Hot Chili Pecker

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