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ZEDER (or Revenge Of The Dead) Directed By Pupi Avanti starring Gabriele Lavia (1983)
          This director wins for the silliest, giggle inducing first name (Poopi), but take him seriously or there will be dire consequences. Then again don't because this film is shitty!
          To stop an evil presense from killing old ladies and breaking out through the floor boards, some very Italian gentlemen who sip cappuccino's send in an animalistic and frightened little girl who claws at the hollowed ground, teeth gnashing. She acts like a corpse sniffing dog and they discover the corpse of Paolo Zeder.
         Riz Ortolani does his Fabio Frizzi "Beyond" impression with the score.
         A writer named Stefano gets a pawnshop electric typewriter as a present and finds that it has ribbon used by Zeder describing the secret K-Zone. The writer figures out that a K-Zone is a state of limbo and a gateway for the dead to return, possibly like the lost souls room in Beetlejuice. Zeder gave his body up in an experiment and wanted to be buried beneath the house. There are some ghostly stomach growling noises heard in the pool (I told you not to eat before a swim!) 
He starts his own investigation and questions former owners of the typewriter, but they seem to want to suppress the real answer.
          There's a heavy Catholic presence throughout the film and its mainly there in the background, probably because its set in Rome.
          The writer character meets Don Luigi Costa, a chubby tracksuit wearing phantom. Later on he stabs an innocent girl in a crypt. Much later on Stefano gets trapped inside the same crypt, but false alarm nothing happens, thanks for nothing movie! Stefano finds a tiny Stonehenge like area of K-Zones and I imagine the writers of Halloween 3 were inspired to make their own dull mystery film after seeing this one! There's a control room where cameras are attached to coffins and monitored on TV sets. 
         The pace of the film is very draining and not that much happens, its oddly fascinating though. There's no fake American pretenses in this very Italian production, that doesn't really help the film, It's not quite a Giallo but still just as dull. Toward the end it just turns into a long series of uninterested interviews and you could probably fall asleep and not miss anything! This film makes Manchester Morgue look like a lighting paced non stop thrillride! They should have called it "Let Dull Corpses Lie" I hate Italian horror films that start off good and have no payoff! The dead wake up at the end, but its laughable (literally, they guffaw at Stefano!) and not scary at all!  
Italian Tor Johnson

This movie is so boring!

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