Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Skin Stripperess aka Sexy Ghost

Now it's Japan's turn to remake their own version of the french classic Eyes Without a Face and of course up the sleaze factor. An actress is struck by lightning which fries her whole body so she is going to need a full head to toe skin transplant. I mean why just settle for a new face?
And Fabio Frizzi fans will love that some of the music in the film is lifted right out of Fulci's City of the Living Dead!

A sleaze ball manager is looking to get zoning for an amusement park. Since he is short on cash the only way for him to get the permits he needs is to bribe the chief of police. So he pimps out one of the lovely actresses that he works for him. The beautiful actress is reluctant so she get s smacked around a bit just before that unfortunate lightning accident takes place. After being turned down by every plastic surgeon in Japan the manager hires a man of the black arts(figures right) to do the job. But for a job like this they will need to supply a fresh body to get the new set of flesh. The ceremony is a success and the poor woman who was killed for her skin is buried on a beach.

It's a deal now get me some fresh skin!

Tie a yellow ribbon round the old banzai tree

Soon after, a bunch of kids looking to get lucky with their girlfriends go to this beach only to awaken the corpse's pissed off spirit and now this this "sexy" ghost is looking for some serious revenge.

Maybe I should be on the set of Hellraiser


You get action, fantasy, horror, and the uncomfortable comedy that Hong Kong films are infamous for packed into a wonderful hour and half. Not as well known as it should be!

8/10 on the CULT-O-METER

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