Thursday, January 3, 2013

People Who Own the Dark

This eye catching title stars Spain's very own Paul "the werewolf" Naschy. The film showcases it's own style of Blind Dead that might give another Spanish director that we all know and love a run for his money.

                                                                  "The Blind Dead"

The film opens in silence and a few credits roll.(a theme song would be nice) Next a bunch of rich folks begin getting ready to meet up for a very exclusive party. Not a run of the mill birthday bash but more like a Salo or Eyes Wide Shut style celebration. Lots of beautiful models are also invited so they can be the sex slaves. The party starts off with a dinner and all the guests put on their dime store Halloween masks but then as luck would have it there's a radioactive explosion.
So now the party members fortunate enough to be having dinner in the basement appear to be the only survivors and the rest of the town while not dead become blind flesh chomping mutant zombies!

How can I drink with this stupid mask on?

Get your arm off me, I'm Paul Naschy!

Can these rich perverts get along and survive the apocalypse???


This is a quite a unique underrated gem that deserves more recognition.
7/10 on the cult-o-meter

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