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Vendetta Directed By Bruce Logan. starring Karen Chase (1986).
     Laurie Collins (Karen Chase) is a pearl necklace wearing stunt woman who wears her hair like a Pomeranian, she won't rest until her sister's death is avenged. She followed the Limehouse Willie approach, (see Pray For Death) for stupidest ways to sneak into places. Limehouse breaks into a hospital by slicing his wrist. To get sent to jail Laurie rides around in a sweet Hotrod Lincoln, drinking champagne and uses her stunt woman talent to the maximum effect. The premise of sneaking into jail to get revenge was also used in Bad Boys with Sean Penn, but this is a more reserved Reform School Girls with most of the women having that GLOW (gorgeous ladies of wrestling) look.

Laurie Collins
      There are shitloads of Vendetta movies (V For Vendetta being the lamest!) and I've been trying to track this one down ever since I saw parts of it on WDZL (the same slime pit I saw all those creature features on). That channel introduced me to all the classics! This is the Bruce Logan one with everyone's favorite ugly lesbian Sandy Martin (It's Always Sunny, Napoleon Dynamite). She plays Kay and we get the unfortunate pleasure of seeing her have straight sex (but don't worry its only done to sneak in drugs by way of her vagina). This is actually her greatest role! She runs a prison, beats people with meat tenderizers and bullies all the new fish.
      Director Bruce Logan has got some amazing visual effects credits and worked on 2001: A Space Odyssey and Tron IMDB link.  I'm sure he's embarrassed by this film.
 A cute all girl punk band called The Screaming Sirens, plays country songs on stage and a doo-wopy number called "Love Slave". Everyone in this movie is in danger of going up in flames from one match and too much Aquanet. The same bureaucratic garbage that protects the guilty, and leaves the innocent to defend themselves message scene in Class Of 1984 is preached in this one too.
            Laurie Collins who works as a stunt woman's sister Bonnie is raped at gunpoint, she fights back and kills the creep. The judge is played by the veteran character actor Will Hare, most famous as Old Man Peabody from Back To The Future and he was also in Enter The Ninja.
            Once she enters prison, it turns into a combination of all the women from a Motley Crue video and Class of Nukem High. Half of the girls looks like leftovers from other WIP flicks and Sandy Martin (who even in her younger days was still brutally ugly)! Kay looks like a the non cartoon version of the babysitter bandit from The Simpsons, she shoots Bonnie up with junk then throws her off a ledge. Laurie effortlessly fights all the different girls that killed her sister, she is surprisingly tough! The prison guards are completely aware of the murders and don't even put on an act that they think it's wrong. These are the lesson teaching kind of guards that are smarter than they look.
Silvia the snitch is the cute hippy girl from Friday The 13th part 2 and Neon Maniacs.
In the last 19 minutes Kay finally figures out that Laurie is killing all of her crew, but didn't seem to notice before hand. There's even a drag king version of Prince that shows up towards the end, so stick around for that! This definitely needs an upgrade and the version I saw even had video tracking issues (get a headcleaner!) It's very typical, yet still fun for a Women in Prison film, but nothing really to freak out over.
For killing my pine, I sentence you to death!

1986 called it wants it's tracking back


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