Saturday, January 19, 2013

Human Sausages

Human Sausages (Unpublicizable File) Directed by Lo Wen Chow (1993)
          Lately I've been scraping the bottom of the barrel in all my film catalogs (or reaching the depths of depravity) and Skunkape has been doing me all kinds of back alley film favors, through email, this way I don't have to visit scary hotels like Max Ren in Videodrome and make sleazy deals out of suitcases. Lately there has been an onslaught of Category III films and that's one of the reasons, I've had to suffer through fuzzy subtitles and not supply links because these films are super rare.
           Human Sausages (or The Unpublicizable File) is on deck for tonight and boy does it look filthy! It all starts in a rainstorm as a poor innocent victim is brutally stabbed and killed on the spot, then later a room full of smoking women are lounging around at Big Brother's brothel. The subtitles many times are white on white and I averted my eyes so I didn't get a migraine. I had this confused with Human Bun (Pork Bun: The Untold Story) a brutal Anthony Wong vehicle, he's not in this but as far as I can tell this is another tribute to the same serial killer Wong Chi Hang.
            A confused and frightened dishwasher spies on a cleaver wielding chef named Liang who's up to some sinister business in a dank kitchen. The music sounds like what I can only describe as Miami Vice porn music. Liang hates being called a cripple and doesn't need much of an excuse to threaten people with sharp objects. He goes to town on the first dishwasher with a meatcleaver, chopping him up lightning fast and turning him into sausages (there are some quick edits that seem out of place since most of the other lewd scenes were explicitly shown)! Why isn't there anyone else in that ghastly looking kitchen to keep an eye on this maniac? There is a lot more gratuitous sex then graphic violence. Liang is a gambling loser and his boss at the restaurant takes pity on him and feels responsible for an accident that made him crippled. Prostitutes start dropping like Mandarin flies at the Big Brother Brothel and one girl slits her wrist. They spend so much time at the whore house showcasing the sex scenes that they forgot about the human sausages! I mean here I am trying to get into a flick about human meat and all I get are pork swords! The prostitution subplot eclipses the kitchen mayhem and we don't visit that dump for a long while. But don't worry the johns running the house of ill repute decide to slice and dice as well. One really unpleasant scene has a little kid ending up dead and there's hardly any motive for what people do in this film. Chefs butcher, pimps chop people up and then instead of violence you get an extra helping of bush.The kitchen is set up like a haunted butcher chamber, with scary lights and there's even some werewolf sound effects as Liang the crippled maniac is caught by his mentor's daughter.
          Toward the end, the killer is fed his own grisly sausages and recoils in horror, so apparently he enjoys turning people into meat, but is not a cannibal. There is hardly any info on this film even on IMDB and for a Category III, it doesn't really deliver. There has been a rash of Hong Kong rarities lately and sorry if there are no links (savvy film fanatics will either buy them or find them online somewhere anyway)!     

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