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Eugenie :Sex Happening

 Eugenie Desade (Eugenie: Sex Happening) Directed By Jess Franco (1970).
     Sexy lesbians in high tube socks fondle each other as Jess Franco (the rotten director who appears in most of his own projects) looks on. It soon turns gruesome as a strangler shows up and suffocates one of the girls. The dubbing is pretty awful, but the film quality is very professional. Eugenia (Soledad Miranda) wakes up to find the grimy auteur at her bedside as she regains consciousness, she agrees to tell him the story of her and her stepfather. 
He's a Desade-esque figure so it's a given that their relationship will most likely be impure. The stepfather is played by Paul Muller who's a satan worshiping erotic author and she seems to have an incestuous fixation on him. His book descriptions are about bondage and sadism. I usually fall into a Franco induced coma, but surprisingly this one held my interest. The Deep Red catalog describes any Jess Franco film you can stay awake through as a miracle! Eugenia lies down on a bed with her extremely flat ass exposed (pancake butt) and describes how excited she is about her stepfather (yawn)!
     Most of the dialogue in the beginning sounds like a cheesy D.H. Lawrence novel (or Ha! Marquis Desade)! Eugenie's stepfather talks slowly as his ugly teeth move up and down. His plan is to find a sex slave for him and his daughter to kill, but hide in plain sight. Franco follows Eugenie and her lover/father around in a cab. 
The stepfather is one the grossest human beings in film history saying dialogue like "I love your naked body, because it looks like your moms". Her pubic hair goes up to her belly button (uck)! Later on we actually get to see them have sex (Yikes!)
The father and daughter go to a hippie stripclub where you can drink beer out of a giant boot! 
     Miss Desade puts on a floppy red hat and a cape with giant white sunglasses, and her dad dresses in a similar hippy costume (with a plaid hat & matching scarf), this apparently is their unassuming crime attire!
They visit a sex club and take pictures of a stripper that looks like a soggy housewife(or a chubby Ellen Barkin). They order sadistic twists off the menu like they are ordering extra cheddar biscuits at Red Lobster. She paints blood on her face and then Miss Desade clamps a big wrench around her neck (all of this is pretty tame, especially for 1974). Straight after, they watch a terrible comedian (maybe the influence for Neil Hamburger's act)?
I've always hated Jess Franco and its hard for me to sit through even his best films(like Faceless and Bloody Moon), this one is very entertaining and unintentionally funny! Jess Franco plays Atilla Tanner and shows up at Desade's swinging pad and calls him a hypocrite
     He's a fan of Desade's essays on black magic and also something called Necromocon (Necronomicon spelled wrong)! Attilla might have a speech impediment because he says demonocle instead or diabolical. 
      It turns out out he is aware of their incest and wants to follow them and write about it! 
The locations and haunting theme by Nicolai keep the film interesting, but it has that kitschy euro trash quality. Her father goes into the details of the murder of Eugenie's mother. He's a bonafied hypocrite and his morality is obviously warped, she cheated on him and he killed her. He warns that if she cheats, he will kill her and himself in the hari-kari fashion because its so dignified! 
The father plans on using his daughter to seduce Tanner and kill him, she seems a little hesitant, but not really. Later on she falls in love with a guy named Paul who plays in a Herb Alpert style Tijuana Brass band and forgets about the plan and her father! He soon figures out what is going on and retaliates! 
     As for related films there's Justine Desade (with Maria Rohm), regular Eugenie with Christopher Lee and again with Maria Rohm. Sex Happening came out one year after the Christopher Lee one, both are available from Blue Underground.
more cheddar biscuits sir?

I can't believe I have to listen to this crap!


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