Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hotel Paradise

Hotel Paradise Directed By Edoardo Mulargia (1980)
Do you like the jungle? Do you like Women in Prison Films? Then you just might like Hotel Paradise, a women in prison film that takes place in the jungle...Oh wait a minute! This movie has a sarcastic title because there's no room service where these chicks are staying.

The Warden gets his groove on!

The only plot is that the female inmates are being forced to look for precious jewels by a greedy warden and there are a bunch of dudes pretending to work in the prison that are actually part of a revolution. With a little luck they might just over throw the warden and his pals and free the poor prisoners, that are more or less just slaves and not really criminals.

The only way this could be worse would be for Mike Logan to show up!

Ajita Wilson(every one's favorite he-she) is one of the inmates. In one scene she's smoking a pipe and then decides to stick it up her va-jay-jay. The usual lesbian sex scenes occur as well as the torture the inmates receive when they get out of line. Depending on what version you have some of the sex scenes have real hardcore inserts!(grainy ones)

I'm Tranny the Sailor Man

The mighty heroes


Nothing special here. Check it out only if you must see every WIP film ever made, which you probably do!

4/10 on the CULT-O-METER

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