Friday, January 18, 2013

Evil Cat

Evil Cat (Xiong mao) directed by Dennis Yu. Starring Shu-Yuan Hsu (1987)
         Blue electricity emits from beneath the ground as Master Cheung awaits the evil force to return, his family has been plagued by this menacing feline for ages. The Cheung clan have spared the world for centuries against the tyranny of the evil cat, which was thrown down a well covered by a sacred stone with ancient inscriptions, but it was prophesied to return and plague the next person that releases it from its tomb. 
          A security guard going through some hazing finds a zombie covered in garbage bags in the hallway then implodes into waves of blood. This hotel seems haunted by some kind of entity as guests run frantically down long hallways. Cartoon cat apparitions float through the air and possess Long's boss Mr. Fan. Long and Master Cheung become best pals and join each other in tying prostitutes to telephone polls for fun (don't forget Jing Wong has written the script, so there are lots of random occurrences). Chueng's daughter is a TV journalist investigating the murders at the hotel and Evil Cat has an excessive amount of blue lighting, which works to its advantage possibly influenced by Bava or Argento. 
          A fish eating Catman makes ferocious tiger noises and clings to Long's bumper! A few minutes later the now possessed boss of Long chases him to his mothers house, where he viciously slaps her around for a long while, because she accidentally helps the Catman regain his power! I've always seen those idols at different Chinese restaurants, but did you know that if you hurl them at evil cat people they will explode and protect you from harm? Good to know next time you are in a jam in Chinatown.
          Master Cheung and Long team up to destroy the sinister creature with magic arrows at the office of Mr. Fan (who before transformed into the demonic cat with a fish hanging out of his mouth). Fan actually sics his security team on Cheung and they beat him with billy clubs in an elevator until he levitates them against the wall with his magic powers. A ghostly entity invades a helpless girl's crotch and it possesses her. 
          Long drinks ashy vermilion charm tea so that he can learn the way to destroy all nine lives of the beastly cat. Many of the fight scenes look very realistic (and painful) as people crash thru glass and are forcefully pulled on wires.
          A pop singer named Vincent is bombard by fans and seduced by the feline in the form of a slutty chick with a cool car (this is the most random scene yet)! At this point I wasn't sure if the movie decided to abandon the lead characters or not! The man eating cat is still relevant as Long and Cheung show up to track its next move. The cops keep throwing them in jail and siding with the cat lady. The Cat sort of acts like the alien in The Hidden and can transfer from body to body, there's even a short nod to LifeForce. There is a lot of blood and violence to keep fans interested up until the end, the randomness is alittle jarring though. They could have called in ALF and solved this epidemic in one afternoon.

Y.K. Kim eat your heart out

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