Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Mad Bomber

The Mad Bomber (Police Connection) Directed By Bert I. Gordon, starring Chuck Conners (1973)
I'm familiar with Bert I. Gordon through his work on Village Of The Giants (where the Beau Brummels and Beau Bridges danced with a giant duck) and Food Of The Gods (Where giant chickens and rats devoured humans), but this is the sleaziest most demented film he's ever made, it's astoundingly fun!
   When William Dorn (Chuck Connors from Tourist Trap, Soylent Green) isn't enforcing the code of "Woodsy the Owl" (Give a Hoot Don't Pollute)! he's scoping out high schools and detonating them with homemade time bombs.
time bomb high school
   Some unknown stalker sneaks into a mental hospital, rapes a patient (with a weird doll in hand) and firebombs the building as cartoon sparks fly around. Later on we find the city is crawling with two breeds of predators--rapists and terrorists, welcome to the 70's! (sadly things haven't changed much).
   This assault triggers a man hunt, once detectives get wind of the acts of terrorism. The police use giant 70's Willy Wonka computer technology and investigate "all nude" strip clubs for answers. 
I come for the naked girls, but stay for the free buffet

   Apparently in 1973 to defuse bombs, they send one lone cop in a cheap suit and a gun. This isn't just any cop though, it's a hard assed lieutenant named Geronimo Minnelli! Geronimo (played by Vince Edwards) is the sort of cop that breaks necks and asks questions later, he's never heard of civil rights and if anyone brings them up he gets pissed. 
   Dorn is so stingy and conservative, most sociopaths are, as he stringently lectures people at the grocery store, a diner and out on the streets. He carries a gargantuan grudge against society and wants to punish everyone for his junkie daughter's death.
I'm waiting for my Moons Over My Hammy breakfast
   Neville Brand (Eaten Alive, The Ninth Configuration) shows up as a rapist and defiles a girl in a car, then chases her through the woods. (the lighting is really dark in the uncut version).  
   Then later, Dorn brings a bomb to a women's lib luncheonette and detonates it. Hookers slowly crawl through parking lots as "Laugh In" style music plays for a police sting to nab the rapist loose in the city.  
George Fromley (Brand), the sexual degenerate won't cooperate with the police and says his name over and over to piss them off. Dorn writes threatening "Zodiac killer" type letters to the police. The cop wants to blow his brains out and strong arms Fromley into helping him find the "Mad Bomber" (Chuck Connors). They use some of the most primitive high school AV equipment for police caricature sketches, but it actually works.
George Fromley is a snitch
Working with the police doesn't bode well for Fromley and he gets blown up while jerking off to stag films! Highly recommended! 
        This is a Kris Gilpin inspired pick and there are two versions on Youtube (this one is uncut). Thanks for mentioning this awesome movie Kris! Beware of the edited version and watch the uncut version only (there's a major difference in violence and sexual content)! The most criminally offensive example of uncut verses neutered, I can give in relation to this film is the butchered version of Once Upon A Time In America (the cut version is worthless). I cannot stress enough to watch the uncut version only, because I compared the two and most of the sleaze has been excised. The film quality is Trapper John M.D.-esque (or Ben Casey which starred Vince Edwards, but I have no reference point and never saw the show) and just like my other favorite TV movie gone sadistic The Toolbox Murders, it's a total blast (literally)!
Did a cow shit in here?

I died doin what I love, Yankin my crank!


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