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Interview with David Zuzelo of Tomb It May Concern

Hello Creeps, It's your old pal Cranky here! Today on TOG I'm dressed in the carcass of Andy Rooney for my interview with David Zuzelo, a former Deep Red writer and current Franco-phile, Mattei maniac and Lindberg obsessive. I urge you to buy a copy of his book on Italian Action, Exploitation flicks called Tough To Kill! (click the link below and purchase one).Also visit his highly entertaining blog Tomb It May Concern 
First Issue Dave Appeared in did you meet Chas Balun and how do you view the legacy of Deep Red magazine
I was, like every other horror fan that was reading, hypnotized by Chas' enthusiasm in Gorezone and Deep Red. He was selling tapes back then, but I never actually ordered anything until attending Fantacon where he (and Dario Argento) had set up shop. After some spirited conversation, of which there really wasn't any other type with him to my experience, he told me to get off my ass and write up what we just talked about. That was the Fulci piece "Splintering The Mind's Eye" for Deep Red Alert. Wow! did my first draft stink, but Chas. was beyond helpful, even getting me an Italian copy of the "rare" Murder Rock to watch. It was a total blast and inspired me to write and share my passion for completely trashy cinema, just as he did. Of course, I always was looking to watch the stuff that Chas. HATED! just as much as the films he loved. That is how much his energy infected me, I wanted to see the DOG flicks really badly.
The infamous Bow-wow rating
Deep Red's legacy is pretty massive in my eyes. It took the scholarship out of the equation on the surface, and rabid enthusiasm was the order of the day. But Chas. knew his shit and wasn't afraid to pick sides about movies and chop up and serve sacred cow sirloin at any time. He added a voice to fandom that never tried to toe the line other Fangoria publications seemed to try to keep. The "OH MY GOD HALLOWEEN 4 IS GONNA ROCK" followed by "OH MY GOD HALLOWEEN 4 IS TERRIBLE NOW THAT YOU HAVE SEEN IT" stuff that made me crazy was gone. Good on all the editors for bringing Chas. to all our homes, and in turn bringing Deep Red to my attention. Plus, I read the Deep Red Horror Handbook until it broke into pieces.
Bruno Mattei: I make no apologies!

2. What is the worst film by Bruno Mattei in your opinion?
 Worst Bruno Mattei? No such thing, they are all equally Bruno. If you go from his most loved classics, I would say that Zombies: The Beginning is equally entertaining and his tireless drive in the exploitation field makes his filmography above criticism from me. Least favorite maybe? Can't come up with one! It's a case of what you are looking for. I really enjoyed some of his off kilter comedies like the Cicciolina flick and the immensely awesome THREE FOR ONE where a nerdy chick crushes the tools that mocked her by making them beg to get in her pants. I'm not a comedy guy, but Bruno could make me laugh!
it's a Psychedelic Franco Freakout
3. What are some underrated films by Jess Franco that people should re-evaluate?
Franco is endlessly up for re-evaluation if you ask me. The presentations of his work have changed a lot over the last 15 years, and we still have nice discs that don't show off his best work such as the Erotic Rites Of Frankenstein preserving the softer cut. For under-rated I wrote a lot about the One Shot films of the 90s and still enjoy them. Red Lips is really crazy! Also, some of those nutty 80s comedy things with Lina as Lulu Laverne are unique and entertaining. So much is lost in the language translation, I give them a lot of extra credit. And no matter what Lina looked like, Franco always shot her as the most beautiful woman in the room, it's amazing to watch!
the sultry Lina Romay

 4. What do you think are some of the most ripped off films in Italian exploitation cinema besides The Warriors or Escape from NY?
I guess I'd say the Rambo/Merc/Cannon pics boom of the 80s is my favorite "rip off" cycle, but I've always wanted to create a line of EuroShark Blu Rays. You can't beat recycled sharks and Hulk Hogan wannabes battling "Tigah Shahks!"
Stay off my beach Brother!
5. Top 5 favorite Christine Lindberg films
 Thriller-A Cruel Picture for all, I have a really deep passion for the film that I still chuckle thinking about carrying cash in my sock on a plane flying to meet Bo Vibenius to get the rights to release it. Christina is just so iconic, and Thriller is the best showcase of that. I like 'em all, though I don't think she ever really commands the entire film like Thriller. The vacuuming scene in Wide Open is pretty great, and I love the forced English on her and her Japanese companion in Sex And Fury. Bonus? She is incredibly nice in real life and has as much grace as she does style and sex appeal!

just hand over that sock full of money

6. Please talk about your blog, book and any other projects you have coming up
 My blog is at and has been online for about 6 years, and it's my third web space. It's really just a place for me to catalog my obsessions du jour. Tons of Lina n' Christina, Jess n' Bruno and of course Joe D'Amato. I also co-authored TOUGH TO KILL with Paul Cooke some time back. It covers loads of action films from directors like Mattei and Bava and featuring the beefiest dudes of the 80s blowing up huts. I say follow your passions and Reb Brown screaming JAKODA!!! is one of them. You can get copies here:

I've been lucky enough to work with some of my heroes in the last few years, including Dan Taylor at Exploitation Retrospect and Tim Paxton and Brian Harris on Weng's Chop. I'm finishing up a long and HARD look at Joe D'Amato porn of the 90s. Can my penis survive watching almost (or more than) 60 porn films in a month? We'll see...
Thanks for the chance to chat, I hope everyone can share just one bit of their enthusiasm for the weird and wacky stuff that makes our hobby / cinematic dumpster diving so much fun!
All the best,
David Z


  1. Thanks for posting this interview. David is one of the nicest people I've met in the film fan world!


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