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Blood Mania

Blood Mania Directed By Robert O' Neil. Starring Peter Carpenter (1970)
Psychotronic Video once described this flick as "Lousy Trash", so you know I am obligated to watch it and its also in the Deep Red catalog. The ads for this were very memorable (see below) it had a fanged lady with mussed hair holding a bloody butcher knife on a double drive-in bill with Blood Lust (which makes me think of the Venom song-- Mantis hit those guitar strings)!!! This movie is like the Spinal Tap quote "It's treading water on a sea of retarded sexuality and bad poetry"!

   The film opens with a stripper that has the face of the old women corpse in the "Drop Of Water" segment from Mario Bava's Black Sabbath. Immediately, we are stuck in a psychedelic nightmare fueled freakout during the credits (silent screams, primary colored lighting, weird faces). It's too intriguing to be ignored!
   Victoria's father, Ridgeley Waterman is sick in his craft-matic adjustable bed. Wacka Wacka guitar plays, as Vicky strips and runs around the pool (scaring the Beejesus out of a stupid neighborhood teen).
Lordy, it's a vagina

   Dutch Cooper (Peter Carpenter, who was in Russ Meyer's Vixen) is a mutton chops rock star doctor who doesn't appreciate his sexy redhead girlfriend always waiting for him in a marble tub, he's that jaded! The production design of thriftstore nic nacs, gaudy furniture and gothic shadows make this film a total blast!
    Another doctor (Arell Blanton) tries to blackmail Dutch with two dollar words like "unity", the dialogue in this is priceless! Translation: he needs to pay him lip service because of a back alley abortion he performed, while broke in Med school (which according to Blood Mania) is some heavy shit!
    Vicky played by
Maria De Aragon, drugs the doctor into a trippy sex scene with poppers and they form a devious plan to get the money to bail Dutch out of his sticky, blackmail situation. 
Enchanted nipples on a sensitive evening

   Blood Mania makes Doctors seem like lecherous pigs who cheat like its going out of style! Cooper freaks out after Vicky reveals that she murdered for him.
It doesn't take long for her to bait him with sex, making the stupid idiot powerless to stop her. Moe Green (Alex Rocco) shows up in a cameo as the will reader. Vicky's father is poisoned (he gets up from his bed and looks like they put clown makeup on him)!

I ate too many pistachio nuts
    Then things get all wonky as Vicky doesn't get the inheritance money (apparently she's a rich heiress). After she has a conniption fit, Dutch kind of ditches her for her hotter sister Cherly (Reagan Wilson) and they high tail it to a Ren Fest/ Mime convention (as far as I can describe this wierd scene)!!
   Most of the actresses in this, have that monotone way of speak reading (like a 70's soap opera).It's almost totally drip-dry bloodless, but is hysterically fascinating and I was never bored because there's alot of naked females, back stabbing and word to the wise (don't ever fall asleep around anyone in this flick, because someone will dope you up)! 
   The ending didn't really gell together for me, just chalk it up to weak writing. If you appreciate campy junk like I do, there's a nice amount of eye candy to latch onto, but if you are hoping for a bloodbath, look elsewhere, you will be disappointed.
   I seriously hope this is true, but there's alot of bullshit floating around on IMDb, according to them, Maria De Aragon who played the perpetually stoned, heavy eye lidded psycho Vicky is non other than Greedo from Star Wars in an uncredited role!
She signs autographs from time to time as this character and here's proof!   

   The director later on made one of my favorite slimebag Hollywood Blvd flicks Angel. As you ponder, "Do I really want to see Greedo's giant hooters?" Slap yourself in the head for not responding to yourself "Of course I do!" 
Ok, so Solo shot first right?

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  1. Great trash! Those in search of a traditional horror film may be put off -- but if you catch the unedited version, you will have no complaints whatsoever --


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