Thursday, June 6, 2013

Demons 2

Demons 2 Directed By Lamberto Bava starring Coralina Cataldi (1986)
Revewed By Goat Scrote
   Well crap. It turns out that even if you turn down that free movie ticket and stay home to eat toaster pastries and watch TV, you won't be safe from the demons. This sequel is set in a high-rise apartment building, and this time the demon comes climbing out of a TV set. Apparently the demons were defeated after the events of the first movie, and the city they destroyed was walled off. Once again we have a "movie within a movie" thing going on. The people in the high rise are watching a show on TV about some idiots who sneak over the wall into the ruined city where the demon invasion happened. Things go badly for the idiots. Somehow this TV show, depicting the (fictional?) resurrection of the demons thanks to the blood of their visitors, allows a real demon to escape through the TV and start infecting people again.
did you miss us, we're back on home video!

   I've found that the best thing to do with the Demons movies is not to think too hard about them. A few of the actors from the first movie are recycled in completely different roles, including Tony the pimp (played by Bobby Rhodes) from the first movie, who is now a personal fitness trainer. I got all moist in my bikini area when I heard The Smiths and Dead Can Dance on the soundtrack!! 

I want the cake I can't have and it's driving me mad...
  Anyway, some young woman is having a birthday party, she goes to her room to sulk because she didn’t get the My Little Pony doll she asked for or something. I don’t know. All I know is that I cheered a little bit when the demons pushed their way out of TV-land to get her. She attacks the other guests and scratches them up, and by now we know how that turns out. Her blood turns out to be incredibly corrosive, and eats its way through the floor. The bubbly demon ichor burns out electrical wires and drips onto other residents and generally causes a great deal of bother and irritation. The infection spreads and the survivors try to defend themselves. There’s a yappy little demon dog and a flying bat thing and a slightly stupid-looking child demon and a weird anticlimactic happy ending involving an abandoned TV studio and a pregnant couple. The scene in the TV studio seems like it’s leading to an explanation of where the demonic TV signal was coming from but then never really goes anywhere. This was a missed opportunity for an ending that could’ve livened things up a little. The movie isn’t a total waste of time, but it adds very little to the trilogy and you can safely skip it.

It's my party who wants a snaggletoothed kiss?

Chewbacca's cousin contracted demonic Hep C
Tony the Pimp is back and ready to lay some pipe

Better Off Dead 2: where's my two dollars

I got a cavity in my rear mollar can you check it out?


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