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Let My Puppets Come

Gerard Damiano should be one of the richest filmmakers in history. He brought porn into the mainstream with the smash hit Deep Throat in 1972, but with the mafia running the distribution and most of the industry he was cut out of all its financial success. In 1976, seven films later he wrote and directed the X-rated puppet film "Let My Puppets Come". The title is a parody of the Broadway musical "Let My People Come."

  The "Creative Concepts, Systems and Procedures, Brothers Unlimited, INC."(The CCSPBU) is broke and out of ideas. To make matters worse they owe half a million dollars to Mr. Big and only have 24 hours to get the money. I wonder if the storyline was inspired by Damiano's dealings and frustrations with the mob? Luckily, Jimmy the mailman who delivered the bad news offers a solution, that they make a porno film in order to get quick cash!

Left to Right - Jimmy, Red, Fred, and Ned
Can't forget Gramps!

The CCSPBU is made of Red, Fred, Ned, Gramps, and their secretary Mrs. Bliss.(Clitoris Leechman).They  immediately begin coming up with ideas. Jimmy offers a tale of beastiality where a lonely women's dog takes advantage of her. Red thinks of recreating the popular horny nurse fantasy and Gramps comes up with a massage parlor idea where a happy ending is sure to take place. Ned wants to do a movie about a blow fish that actually sucks you off while swimming in the ocean.When the brainstorming session is over Fred decides before they go any further they need to cover the technical side of the film. Jimmy visits one of his old buddies Lash, an ex-videographer in the porn industry and now a local sex shop owner. He reluctantly agrees to help. Gramps calls up an old director buddy named Japetto. Now all they need are some actors. Their secretary Mrs. Bliss demands an audition but sadly they discover she has a penis. Luckily the director Japetto is the same Japetto who created the famous Pinocchio or in this case Pornocchio so he is able to build new puppets to act in the film.

Every position is Doggy Style
The Head Nurse
Happy Ending?
Deep Trout

Now that the cast has been put together(literaly) and they've recorded some footage, Japetto and the d.p. Lash begin fighting over many of the artistic choices forcing them both to quit. But before Japetto walks off the set one of his actresses Diana Boss sings him a little ditty. Telling him to "Smile at your Heartache"'and "Laugh at the Blues"', we hear this in its entirety, padded out with footage of the beach cutting to kids, dogs, and seagulls. This is the dullest part of the film by far, but still adds to the overall strangeness of the movie.

Now CCSPBU inc. is forced to finish the film on their own. Before thinking of an end they decide to pad  it out with x-rated commercial parodies.
Such as "Climax" watches "They take a lickin' and keep on tickin'"
Sweet Fish a Vaginal Deodorant commercial that features Viju Krem who played the fabulous Natasha Di Natalie in Bloodsucking Freaks.
And the infamous Al Goldstein spoof "Lusterine" Mouthwash.

Add for Climax watches

Sweet Fish add

The face of a man getting sucked off by a puppet.

The movie is just about in the can, but will it succeed? Mr. Big has arrived and is ready to collect. Mr. Big is played by another Bloodsucking Freaks cast member, Luis De Jesus aka Ralphus, the sadistic symbol pounding little person. He also played an Ewok in Return of the Jedi, but he was kicked out of the tribe for throwing darts at Princess Leia's ass. Luckily the film's fluffer jumps on Mr. Big giving him a BJ and that gives the boys time to escape.
"Aren't you the sinful dwarf?"

I actually give Damiano a lot of credit for this film. It's often compared to Peter Jackson's far superior Meet The Feebles (not to many puppet sex films around) but they are quite different. Let My Puppets Come seems to have more of a Muppet parody feel because of the human and puppet interaction, the movie was actually released when the first season of the Muppet Show debuted. The segments in the film come across in the same way that Kermit and the gang would interact with the weekly special guest star, except far more perverted. It's hard to say if Peter Jackson was influence by this film . Feebles came out over ten years later. One could say that Pornocchio liked to stick his nose certain places and Feeble Dennis has a scene featuring "nasal" sex with cow.

Choda Boy in his Golden years

"I can hear you Coming!"

Dennis Does Daisy from Meet the Feebles

Somebody! Please release this properly with all the bonus features, shed some light on this sleazy little oddity. This is the cult film that never really was because the VHS was hidden in the back behind those western style swinging doors with all the porn. Perhaps with more exposure it would have been more popular. For God's sake just LET MY PUPPETS COME

8/10 on the CULT-O-METER

Not on wikipedia and not on IMDB (June 12th 2003) but note in the credits there is a tune by none other than Alan "Back to the Future" Silvestri. He scored and conducted "All American Boy", the tune where Pornocchio becomes a real porn star. Hey, it's the best song in the film! So Alan, don't be embarrassed add to your IMDB resume.

Theater of Guts: Puppets again Porn PSA Trailer

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