Friday, June 21, 2013

The Curse

The Curse Directed By David Keith Starring Wil Weaton (1987)
   Here's a lost flick that's based on an HP Lovecraft story, "The Colour Of Space", produced by Ovidio Assonitus (king of the rip offs) and Lucio Fulci (Italian king of the zombies). It's directed by actor David Keith, who I remember from such roles as of the father in Firestarter and The White Of The Eye (a very disappointing boring serial killer art film by Donald Cammell). 
   A man is hunted down by police and tossed in a squad car, where he screams "It's In The Water"! to all the suburbanites as they wash their cars and drink from hoses, but it all may be too late.
   Meanwhile on a farm in Tennessee, Wil Weaton is taking some shit (literally pig shit)! from his older fat ass brother Cyrus (played by Malcolm Danare, the dick grabbing, cross eyed lard ass from Christine). His family is a fire and brimstone evangelical bunch led by Nathan (Claude Akins). Nathan has got that Night Of The Hunter style extreme religious iron authority and makes his wife feel like shit for trying to make sexual advances on him.
   Zach (Wil Weaton) wakes up in the middle of the night to see an explosive (and cheap looking) meteor hit the ground. This movie has a bunch of Mama's Family style yokels hanging around. A bossy loud mouthed reporter bullies the country doctor/ scientist into cracking open the meteor and possibly turning it into a sideshow attraction. I hear there are tons of maggots in the film, (with Fulci in charge, you'd think he brings in pockets full of larvae and mealworms)! However, there's a minmal amount of gore. 
   All the barnyard animals start lapping up the meteor contaminated water in the blink of an eye (let's hope nothing Wild Beasts related occurs)! The vegetables start rotting first and are full of maggots. There's a chicken attack scene, horses start acting out and neighborhood dogs go ape shit! Eventually people start lashing out and busting out into sores and vomiting then John Schneider from the Dukes Of Hazard shows up for literally 1 minute. The mother grows Lemmy moles on her cheek and has the urge to kill random people.   
   Nathan being the religious wacko, is in complete denial about himself and everyone else! The mother gets really bad and looks like she's wearing a colostomy bag on her face and has claws, they keep her in the cellar but she keeps finding her way out!  
A slithering mutant shows up at the end (or is it just John Schneider again)? I couldn't tell the video I watched on Youtube was very dark!
    It takes a long while for the effects to start hitting the people, and The Curse has too much country cracker-barrel bullshit for an H.P. Lovecraft story. I can understand why its only on VHS dupes, it's pretty weak. 
Thanks to Kris Gilpin for sparking my interest in this film and I know he's not responsible if the film is terrible so I don't blame him. Like Tenacious D said "Blame The Art, Not The Artist".
Here's a great review from The VideoJunkies (they liked it more than I did).

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