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Julie Darling

Julie Darling (Daughter Of Death) Directed By Paul Nicolas (1983)
I've been raiding all kinds of sources for disturbing films to review aside from the usual places and the way I found this one was by an endorsement from Gore Gazette's Rick Sullivan. He described this as something that appalled jaded 42nd street theater-goers and said it was a sick film "for pedophiles only", remember blame the art not the artist! So what happens in this sleaze-fest anyway, well let's all find together tonight on this Dr. Phil addition of TOG!
   An attractive teenage girl (Isabelle Mejias, who went onto Meatballs 3 and according to the Code Red re-release DVD, hates this film). She seems to be acting out because her parents are having marriage problems, her father Harold is played by Anthony Franciosa, the killer in Tenebrae. She has a pet snake and likes to taunt her uptight mother with it, what kind of hillbilly girl has a gun rack in her bedroom and enjoys watching her snake chomp on a live rat, weirdo Julie that's who (or perhaps a young Sarah Palin).
I'm just exercising my god given right to kill annoying bitches 

   While out hunting with her father, a slimy horn-dog grocery delivery clerk (played by the perpetually eye rolling actor Paul Hubbard), decides to rape Julie's mother, who is the reason she will be sent to a boarding school. Julie watches as the creep defiles her mom, clutching a gun and waits until the last bit of oxygen has left her body, never helping, that way she no longer has to leave her father's side.
It's a taboo love that no one shall prevent!
   She's very possessive of her father and may have a history of erasing disciplinary mother figures out of the picture (if this is her real mother, she's not upset at all by her death).
Susan (Sybil Danning) moves into the picture and marries Julie's father Harold, this obviously spells more trouble to follow.
My hands are cramping from all this picture cutting
   The father lands all these hot blondes because he's super rich and the daughter has a fixation on her daddy that she'll kill to preserve. The father moves on very quickly and there's not even a funeral scene after her mother's supposed accident!
   The grocery clerk rapist shows up later and is up to his old tricks again, after being released from the police station he cracks open a Schlitz and toasts to the porn pictures nailed to the walls of his scummy apartment. Julie makes a deal with the miscreant and says "kill my stepmother and rape her all you want"--- what a classy broad, she's sort of an updated Bad Seed type character, but more perverted!
   It runs into father/daughter incest territory as the daughter watches her father have sex with his new bride and fantasizes that she's his partner instead! This may be the sole reason to watch Julie Darling, which up until than seemed like a normal troubled, unloved weird child story and has now taken a demented path into pedo-terrain. It's by far the sickest melodrama I've ever seen. It has an incredible ending that would make Valerie Solanas cream in her jeans! 
   The incest themes remind me of another director, who worked with the actor from Tenebrae, I'm wracking my brain, who could it be? He has a daughter named Asia and has an unhealthy fixation on his daughter's naked body…. Oh well It'll come to me soon, whomever it may be. 
Is it Bruno Mattei ?
   The director of this film Paul Nicolas directed the "Citizen Kane of Women In Prison Films": Chained Heat and is beyond criticism as far as that one goes. This movie is swathed in cryptic melodrama and pastural settings, the perfect place for a nubile teenage female to make sweet love to her paternal father, ewwwwwwww!!!!!!! This film is dirty and is making me write horrible things! The ending is so mind-bendingly good, that I suggest you not drink anything while watching or you make do a full force spit take (it involves a pair of balls and a bottle of Bacardi)!
Highly Recommended for Weirdos Only!


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