Friday, January 24, 2014

Killing American Style

-Reviewed by Skunkape-
Directed by Amir Shervan (1990)

Probably the Top Three "best worst" movies most widely known are Troll 2, The Room, and Birdemic. Not quite as popular but rising fast is Miami Connection and the epic disaster Samurai Cop from Iranian director Amir Shervan. Well luckily for fans of the actionsploitation Samurai Cop another classic will be coming to DVD from this middle east maestro February 2014. It's Killing American Style!

First we meet Lynch ( John Lynch) , a beefcake giving auditions to wannabe strippers looking to work in his sleazy adult bar. While having an interview with one of the gals and by interview I mean he's about to fuck her in a dressing room, he gets interrupted by Tony Stone, fellow bad guy and business partner played by Rob Z'Dar. Tony gives Lynch the Intel on a robbery in the works so they assemble their team of thugs. This film's structure is very unusual. No hero or real main character is even introduced until about thirty minutes into the film. We watch Tony and Lynch botch the robbery, get caught by the fuzz, and then rescued while being transported by bus to prison. Tony's brother dresses in drag and plays "the damsel in distress" to get the prison bus to stop.(It's like something out of a Bugs Bunny Cartoon) The brother is shot and badly wounded but all escape to freedom.

Trailer Trash

"Where's Joe Estevez?"

They flee to a mansion/ranch where we finally meet the rest of the cast who are terrorized by the lowlifes. The hero of the film is John Morghen( No not Mr. Giovanni Lombardo Radice) actor Harold Diamond. He becomes a hostage along with his wife, son, and his wife's sister.

Harold Diamond or Harold Cubic Zirconia?

"Only my friends can call me "the Face"!

John (Diamond) is forced to kidnap a doctor that his wife's sister knows to help save Tony's dying bro. Enter the Timid Dragon, Dr. Fuji who's tricked into coming over. The doctor begins to panic as soon as he gets in the car since John's reckless driving gets them into a police chase. Luckily they succeed in losing the incompetent cops. We do find out later that Dr. Fuji does have some balls, after Tony insults his wife and calls him a gook (oh my) Fuji bitch slaps him and would rather take a bullet through the mouth than apologize.

Don't mess with the Fuji!

Highlights include a fighting match between John and another parent at his son's martial arts school, a hilarious screaming goon who gets lit on fire, and police LT. Jim Brown( I can't believe I haven't mentioned him yet) getting propositioned by a bunch of whores while investing a brothel. Another scene I have to mention is when Lynch rapes John's wife. This lady, hostage to four psychopaths actually thinks it's a good idea to take a bath. Seriously! What more of invitation would a hoodlum need to get his rocks off? More important it gives Lynch the opportunity to deliver the line, "One scream and I'll make this a Bloodbath."

The Skull Cracker's an illegal move!

I fell in a burning Ring of Fire.

"Sorry ladies my bunions are killing me."

"Want to see my rubber ducky?"

9/10 on the CULT-O-METER
I think if you compare this film to Shervan's Samurai Cop, Samurai wins due to its use of more locations and its cop buddy formula. Killing American Style is still a great deal of fun and there is plenty to laugh at. Having Robert Z'Dar is always a major plus in your bad action film, he has the power to make boring scenes interesting with his over the top performances and his jaw alone! To bad he's missing from that other Shervan production Hollywood Cop.

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