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Gator Bait 2: Cajun Justice

Gatorbait 2: Cajun Justice, starring Jan Mackenzie, directed By Ferd and Beverley Sebastian (1988).
From The IMHO Dept. of Kris Gilpin

Somehow released on Paramount Home Video (in the States at least), this is an obvious direct-to-vid, quickie sequel (the video titles confirm this) of the Claudia Jennings sleaze classic, Gator Bait, made by the same team of Ferd & Beverly Sebastian. I suppose the reason for making part II 13 years after the original is because the Jennings (a beauty who has since died in a car accident) flick must have done well on video last year. Have the Sebastians done anything else between now and then and, if so, what?
Janit Baldwin in the original film

   It starts with a young Cajun man and his pretty blonde "city gal" getting hitched in the Bayou (no known name actress here; at least the first film had Janit (the laffable Ruby) Baldwin and Bill Thurman, an old fave of mine). Five Cajun scumbags crash the wedding, though as one of them had gotten his balls cut off Claudia before (she's the groom's sister). These scumbags manage to get drunk by guzzling light beer throughout the flick (real bad dudes, these guys are). Fisticuffs follows before before the couple take off in a boat, on the side of which someone has written "Pop that cherry!!" Since there're five of these fellows and since they're exceptionally obnoxious (the best kind of villains) I thought this might be a good revenge flick; sadly, it just aint so.

Carrot top with a twelve gauge

   Cajun teaches his busty bride how to shoot and fight during their honeymoon (never know when this'll come in handy) and its frivolities (she kicks him in the balls, then runs, saying "I'll kiss it and make it better"; later, they tilt up from the couple in bed to a tall-standing reed in the water outside their honeymoon shack, the Bayou Hilton). Eventually he goes out for some morning trout and the baddies snatch her and shoot him (while singing "What I did for love") when he returns. They tie him up for the water crabs to eat him, and take her (Angelique, played by Jan Mackenzie) in a boat to a woodsy area in the swamps, where four of them terrorize and rape her and one of them actually lets her go. It looks like there are a couple snipped seconds of skin and blood during the proceedings which, of course, makes no sense in a release like this; maybe they were just bad splices?
   At this point things get incredibly dragged out, and when the actresses and the editing cut around her nudity you know you've already been ripped off. Though they've made her get in a hot white corset the pace is Slow City, and it's ridin' the Fast Forward button from here on. She gets away, of course, and there's the same loose-shirt-in-the-wind shot in the film that Claudia made so memorable before, though here we're talkin' cleavage only (do I sound a bit perverted by now? Oh well, now you know). She drives back to the shack and grabs a rifle, the snake cage and a shovel (?); meanwhile, Hubby's body is missing--lunch for the crabs (gee, I wonder)? Now she's Instant Cajun Woman; eating,driving and dressing like a native as she goes back in the boat for the kill. The little blood that flows is poorly done; it's barely there when one scumbag (a simpleton names Geek, gets a bag of snakes over his head). And sometimes, when characters scream in each others faces and during fight/rape scenes, some shots are out of synch and focus. This production was so cheap that they didn't even spring for exploding squibs, they just cut to people with a little catsup on 'em.

I spilled marinara on my best t-shirt

   With little blood and no nudity (definite liabilities for a Gator Bait movie!), this sequel is a complete waste of time and money. I have wasted mine so that you might save yours (such a sacrificer)!

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