Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Beasts

The Beasts (Or Flesh And Bloody Terror, Shan Kou) Directed By Dennis Yu (1980).
Beasts has been compared to everything from Deliverance, The Hill Have Eyes, Last House On The Left to I Spit On Your Grave and that's a fairly accurate description. Like a perverted Voltron, all parts combine to form one powerful force of rape and extreme violence. And like House By The Lake, which had Canadian drooling hillbillies, this is another particularly rare breed, I was delighted to find out about-- Chinese rednecks! "The Disco Boys" are the sadistic backwoods psychos out for blood and forced entry. 

   They look like an Asian garage punk band like Teengenerate or Guitar Wolf!! One long haired character has snaggled teeth like Joey Ramone and another a Brillo pad fro that reminded me of David Hess. Then there's Mo (Kent Cheng of Run and Kill fame), a bald, fat mongoloid with a pet monkey that he lugs around like a stuffed toy!
   Right from the start there's some cheap senseless violence committed towards real animals, like a boar (which is roasted on a spit), a chicken, snake and a rat that gets chomped on by a Bear trap.
only the stuffed animals were unharmed

   Some teens venture out into the woods to have a picnic and like most typical slasher films, the locals don't like their kind and the kids immediately find secluded areas to fuck in.  
   Three of "The Boys" get pissed when the group of teens won't share their food, so they decide to rape Ling, the most innocent girl in the group played by Ching Yee Chong
She is the "Mari Collingwood" figure in this film and after her vicious gang rape, she becomes so distraught at one point, that she brushes her teeth in the toilet at the mental hospital!
   After finding her body sunk in the water, the kids try to battle the disco boys, but they break out Viet Cong style torture pits that are too savage for these amateurs. 
That's when Ling's father, who's totally roided out, turns into Gaylord St. James plus Rambo and decides to murder the Disco punks in tiny shorts! He goes to all sorts of elaborate lengths to hunt each and every one of these creeps down and violently wipes them off the map! Toward the end he does leave Mo alive and whimpering, without his monkey to console him.
A Monkey's love knows no bounds
   This and Dangerous Encounters Of The First Kind are slightly related, because they both make the youth seem unhinged and on the verge of destruction. They both use real animal violence to shock and make it seem that all authority is too stupid or powerless to stop the natural progression of angry hostile youth. I only had one issue with this film and that was the subtitles, which are very confusing in a sloppily translated way. This should be re-released with accurate subtitles, they seem too literal and have no slang to them. Talented director Dennis Yu also made The Imp with Kent Cheng and later on The Evil Cat with Jing Wong in 87. So if you are looking for wild untamed Chinese hillbillies ravaging a group of dopey teens, definitely check this rare oddity out! 
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Hey Ho Let's Kill

Rejected by the Gong Show, the unknown comic was forced to move to Hong Kong

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  1. Great write up on a trashy, choice piece of HK sleaze. A few of the killers in this movie re-teamed on a couple of crime thrillers for Shaw Brothers, THE MOBFIX PATROL and THE MURDERER PURSUES.

  2. Thanks Venom, now I gotta track those down too!

  3. Huge fan of your site Cool Ass Cinema!


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