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Corruption (Carnage) Directed By Robert Hartford-Davis Starring Peter Cushing (1968).
Special Thanks to Grindhouse Releasing for sending this advanced DVD/Blu-Ray copy to the Theater Of Guts Headquarters!
Prior to watching Corruption, all I knew going in was that it was a lurid British exploitation vehicle for Peter Cushing with creepy dolls. I became aware of it through Psychotronic Video and then saw the Edgar Wright Trailerfromhell, where he mentioned the graphics and hilarious titles in crayon font which influenced his trailer for "Don't" from Tarantino's GrindHouse. Corruption is shocking for 1968, but not as demented as other Hammer Films that came out later.
I smell a Narc!
    I'm a fan of the Amicus, Hammer Horror stuff to a small extent and my favorite roles with Cushing are for Tales From The Crypt as Grimsdyke and as the Witchfinder from Twins Of Evil
   Here he plays a mad surgeon with a very young swinging mod girlfriend named Lynn (Sue Lloyd), who drags him to an annoying party. Everything gets all "PG friendly Russ Meyer" freaky with the body painting but its all done with a squeaky clean edge. His model girlfriend goes over to do an impromptu photo shoot with a guy who looks like a pervy adult version of Christopher Robin who causes Cushing to get jealous enough to trigger a senseless accident, which burns her face.
Kill me some prostitutes!
   There is a lot of filler in Corruption, which disrupts the pacing, but its worst crime is that the scar on the girlfriend's face could easily be fixed with minor plastic surgery. Why is the surgeon putting his career in jeopardy for some ditzy girlfriend that he should dump, is he so insecure that he needs a trophy woman? I found it hardly believable that Cushing would go to bizarre lengths (including fumbling around with pituitary gland cures or slaying prostitutes) to help her out. Later on, he just succumbs to his psychotic girlfriend's demands and she orders him to kill to keep her face from getting disfigured again.
   A better premise for this film would be that Cushing's character Sir John Rowan hates the love generation and is merely hunting the streets to kill random members of the new generation that he despises.
Nancy Sinatra sings "These Boobs are Made For Walkin"
    Although it never gets to that "JOE" level of hippie hatred, had they went in that direction it may have elevated this film above a mildly interesting, somewhat dated film. The production design is very psychedelic and there's some great shots by Peter Newbrook of Cushing's twisted face stretched out as he strangles women with his slimy surgical gloves glistening. The weird dolls show up in a hookers apartment and other than the wacky art direction, there's no explanation as to why they are there. Other highlights are some gruesome severed heads, a laser beam that goes haywire, a drooling apple eating buffoon named Groper, and an irritating "was it all just a nightmare" ending.
A very gruesome amateur tracheotomy! 

    This is the official uncensored version never before released in the U.S. The hooker surrounded by doll's murder is so hideous that it's pretty astounding! I suggest listening to the audio interview with Cushing as he goes on about Americans being juvenile for using profanity and excessive violence and here he is stepping on a hooker's chest and cutting into her neck!   
Call the police!

Groper want peanut butter to go with these apples!
   The Grindhouse Releasing packaging is stellar as always, from the artwork to the vital extras, which are very informative and you can tell they really appreciate this rare British horror film.For those with Blu-Ray players you are in for a treat, because they reinserted the graphic violence into the original film, very cool! In the U.S. The posters used to sell this had crayon scrawling letters and boasted "This Is Not A Woman's Picture". Recommended for die hard fans of the famous vampire killer and Hammer Film enthusiasts! Buy the definitive version of this long lost film here! 

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