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The Seducers

The Seducers (Death Game) Directed By Peter Traynor starring Sondra Locke (1977).
Sondra Locke and Colleen Camp have never played a more sadistic, antagonistic duo than in this film, sexually humiliating an oddly dubbed Seymour Cassel
The Seducers (or Death Game) is set in the sadistic punk hippie time capsule of 70's San Francisco, which has sadly now been replaced by hipsters and crusties. The Gay & Lesbian task force must've hunted down the director and screenwriters, because this is the last credit to their names! 
Yeah Right!
   The two lesbian characters reminded me of the insane sizzler sisters from the Kids In The Hall. The message that hippie lesbians target a stupid horny male and senselessly torture him seems like a 70's ultra macho nightmare fantasy. Maybe that's why this film is lesser known than Cruising,which took all kinds of shit from the gay community (who most likely never watched it).This is just my theory by the way, this film was too obscure to get anyone involved in that much trouble, though it is mysterious that the filmmakers disappeared! 
   The extremely annoying theme song plays over crayon scribbled kids drawings and through out the film. It gets more disturbing when you find out the sexual bondage connotations the lyrics about the "daddy" take on.
   Cassell's wife leaves, then two rain soaked blondes show up at his doorstep and almost immediately they have a threesome in the bathtub (complete with kaleidoscopic nude shots). 
Was it all worth it?

   The next morning after the grime has slithered down the drain post coitus, the worst is yet to come. Sondra and Colleen's characters quickly progress into animalistic she bitches (sloppily eating their breakfast in a Manson/Last House On The Left tell tale sign of cinematic dementia). It gets severely tense as the girl's sexual advances come off like a bucket of ice water, once they let him think that he's slept with two underage teens. Next out comes the weird makeup, the sadism and the fast piano playing courtesy of Colleen Camp (Reefer Madness perhaps)? 
Ketchup the San Francisco treat
   As someone who's familiar with San Francisco, they make it look suspiciously dreary and empty. The girls force him to drive over the Golden Gate Bridge (if I were him, I'd tuck and roll away from the driving wheel and take my chances)! The tension this film creates is a feeling of "Man I wish I could knock those two idiot blonde heads together and help out this dumb ass cheating bastard"! Cassell (who looks like the non-cartoon version of Ned Flanders) plays one of the most neutered wusses in film history, as he's over powered by the two scrawny blondes in KISS make up and top hats. It's difficult for me to feel sorry for this idiot, since he cheated on his wife, is held hostage and beaten into submission. Sondra Locke (Clint Eastwood's ex-wife) does an incredible job playing a twisted lesbian dominator and Colleen Camp has never looked more attractive! They eventually kill a cat and a pizza delivery guy by shoving his head in a giant fish tank. In Locke's autobiography she mentions the reason Seymour refused to loop his voice was because he didn't respect the director (but I guess he had enough dignity to stay and get pretend fondled by two sexy ladies). It's entertaining in a campy sadistic way, eventually GrindHouse Releasing will issue a restored version (trailer link here). Check it out! 
Here's a top notch review from Shock Cinema (which is where I got this great poster from)    
I'm a major pussy!

Lady GaGa?

Sexy clowns for hire

care for a bagel job?

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