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Lady Exterminator

Lady Exterminator (Barang Terlarang) Directed By Maman Firmansyah Starring H.I.M. Damsyik  (1987)
Eva Arnaz, the cover model looks like a Rambo clone with a bazooka, not a feminine Robert Ginty like you'd expect. In The Deep Red catalog this was under the title I Want To Get Even and for a rape/revenge Indonesian exploitation film, it has a shocking amount of conservative Christian values to preach!
   The commentator blurts out VIOLENT ASSASSIN!--- This is the first time I've ever had someone read the credits! It grabs you by the throat and shoves you into a heroin den with drooling junkies as the voice over recites the cast members (they seem exceptionally proud of this group of unknowns, who very well could be real junkies).
We ran out of drugs, can we borrow some
   Go For Broke, Commando WildCat or Lady Exterminator doesn't give us a minute to settle in for some character development or subtle nuances.This is another nonstop action Thai pro-female revenge flick (like its cousin Lady Terminator), and has a ton of alternate titles, its dubbed to sound Westernized. A bald drug lord named Cobra hangs out in a disco (he looks perpetually stoned), he's also an arms dealer with a band of chipper teenage assassins and a prostitution ring. 
   The Lady Exterminator or Irma endures a sweaty rape simulation from her husband Rudi. He seems to be a ticking time bomb of testosterone and furious male rage. There's a shrill disco song that sounds like an over-amped Ultravox instrumental that abruptly cuts to a backseat with a girl being shot up with morphine. The soundtrack at times also sounds like an 80's new wave coke fueled nightmare.
   Girls start panting and moaning but the most they do is roll over in their bras or while the humping begins, the action moves out of frame. During a sex scene with Cobra, one of his cronies seductively sucks her thumb while holding a machine gun!
   Censorship laws in Indonesia are like Amish country (I wonder what their action rip offs would looks like). Irma gets shot up and gang raped (with her clothes on)! In Virgins from Hell (another Thai action flick) there were many opportunities for gratuitous sex, but censorship laws are very strict! There is a lot of swearing and violence but hardly any nudity, which makes it kind of surreal. 
   Her husband drives Irma to a clinic and forces her to have an abortion, but she does a somersault, while the car is still moving. The Lady Exterminator keeps screaming that her baby is innocent and goes into a pro life/conservative Christian rant (normally I wouldn't agree with her), but Rudy is such a fucktard that its hard not too.
Here's a coat hanger let me abort it
Rudy is a real piece of shit who's hobbies include beating on pregnant girls, abusing prostitutes and raping. He hooks up with a gang of half shirt enforcers that includes an Asian Super Mario. 
Have you seen any bricks that spit out coins?
Cobra disappears and Rudy replaces him as the main villain, after he rapes Irma's friend in the woods, he grunts "Scream, implore, it makes me think of my wife's voice"! It doesn't end well for him after the gang connected to the sexual assault finds out. 
   The pacing of Lady Exterminator at times is like a warped melodrama, interjected by random kung fu fights and disco. Irma busts out of nowhere in a miniskirt with a bandana and incinerates bikers with her bazooka, while another guy shoots a machine gun that spits out cartoon fire. It actually ends with a Bible verse!! It's totally wacky, like a zero budget version of Virgins From Hell or Lady Terminator. This one is very hard to find, the first time I heard of it was through Shocking Videos (a sadly now closed mail order video service that was a good source for rare cult stuff). As far as I know this title is only available on VHS. 
Highly Recommended!
Barbecued biker

eat cartoon led

I'm so baked

Not Appearing in The Expendables 3

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