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Satanic Attraction

Satanic Attraction Directed By Fauzi Mansur, starring Gabriela Toscano (1990).
As I was scouring my dog-eared, decrepit copy of the infamous Deep Red catalog looking for the next rarity to place under a microscope and over analyze for your enjoyment. I saw an odd foreign name I'd never heard of before, Brazilian director Fauzi Mansur (reminds me of Fozzy Bear--Waka Waka). The only Brazilian cult cinema figure I'm aware of is Jose Mojica Marins (aka Coffin Joe). I was only half interested, that is until I saw a clip on J4THOI's Youtube channel and thought fuck yeah! This looks almost as if Amir Shervan lost his boner for big budget dopey action shit and went belly up for underground horror. Limbs extracted, buckets of blood, rituals performed and madness shall ensue. So in other words it peeked my interest into the deranged world of FM. If you'd like to know more about Brazilian horror check out this very informative blog (make sure you use the translate app, if you have one). 
   The film opens with an extravagant table filled with candles, a hooded coven of sullen faced characters and a goat headed priest. The goat's head looks like a cock eyed pan (think the satanic priest in the movie version of Dragnet, or Bathory's first album). Two blonde kids have their wrists sliced open as audio screams emit, but their mouths are closed. They explain the whole sacrificial scenario later on and it involves giving their children to Satan, so they won't lose their riches. Many illustrious celebrities are aware of this trick and it's a shame that it'll remain a secret, since the truth is contained in a Brazilian B-Movie.

This track goes out to my late husband, Al Goldstein
   A female Disc Jockey, who looks like Linnea Quigley named Fernanda (Gabriela Toscano), talks about a sacrificial killer with a hang up about his sister. The way she rambles on and on, makes me think I'm listening to NPR and a she's a foxy Terry Gross. As she describes a murder, a maniac on the beach slaughters an innocent girl and hangs her over a bucket to catch all the meat drippins. Everyone on the island listens on their boom boxes and the grisly details offend them, this is obviously not her target audience. There's the notion that it could all be a fantasy like the Orson Welles "War Of The Worlds" broadcast, or are her words being channeled by evil forces?
   Meanwhile Fernanda, the cute DJ's husband is cheating behind her back and even worse, his mistress criticizes the radio show!  
   The slayer carries two giant sized knives when he kills as if he's carving up a big chicken. A creature that looks like a Sleestak in a purple robe shows up in her bedroom and harsh winds blow everything around. Are the beings a figment of her imagination or are they real, I won't reveal it here, you gotta check it out for yourself.

I'm gonna sell these Chuck Taylors to some hipster band

   Her husband Francis is a total dickhead, his wife has a successful career, writes her own radio scripts and he cheats on her and puts her down.
   A female creature that looks like a Dick Smith 60's makeup creation shows up at the station and freaks her out! Later on it, pulls its neck open and a hunk of bloody sinew dunked in yogurt oozes out. 
Do you mind? I'm trying to make some guacamole
The radio stories of brutality get totally quiet as a poor girl gets stoned in a tub and butchered by the unseen killer, but not before he sticks razor blades in her soap--yeesh, that smarts!

Another Mr. Bubble fatality

   The dubbing is very robotic and sometimes it looks like the actors are speaking English. After Lionel (who wears a sailor hat) has sex with Fernanda they both snack on mangos. The authority on the island reacts to the radio show inspiring the real murders and they all confront the DJ at the station. One Bava inspired killing shows two people skewered with big harpoon as they have sex.

Oh shit, my condom broke!

   Later on, Francis' mistress Sarah is visited by a pair of severed bloody feet that show up on her lawn!

   The authorities and a busty pregnant woman, figure out that Sarah and her brother are the blonde children from the opening of the film. One of the most epic disembowelment hammock scenes occurs with the brother, who looks like Rik Mayall and a frizzy haired babe listening to her walkman, unaware that a giant sword is headed for her belly.

I'm gonna slice out these entrails for Cliff Richard

 This one is incredibly gory, clunky and unintentionally hysterical, all basic ingredients for essential viewing according to TOG readers! There's an endless amount of crucial information in the DR catalog and there's no doubt that a film like this only comes around once in a blue moon. I'm constantly discovering new information from that catalog of VHS bootlegs and as we all know, it has inspired so many cult DVD companies to re-release weird oddities and people in the horror community as a whole (I mean just turn to any page in Xerox Ferox)! J4THOI as far as I know is the only source for this film on DVD and you also get Ritual Of Death, so snatch one up!
   Before working in the horror genre Mansur made a bunch of hardcore porn in Brazil, one was a Fantasy Island parody!

Fun For The Whole Unwholesome Family!

A sex dwarf Sammi Davis Junior and Michael Caine respectively

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