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Raped By An Angel 2: The Uniform Fan

Raped By An Angel 2: The Uniform Fan (Keung gaan chai fook yau waak) Directed By Aman Chang. Starring Francis Ng Chun-Yu (1998). 
I was slightly apprehensive to watch this sequel, I mean how could they top the last one, which if you remember fondly like I did, had an AIDS CLOWN? Let me explain; a women used her friend who was infected with the HIV virus as sexual bait for the maniac in a neon green clown suit from The Naked Killer 2 (or Raped By An Angel 1) and as punishment, contracted AIDS.
That's the last you'll ever see this hiv positive clown

   As far as I know, none of the sequels are related, I haven't seen Part 4 or 5 yet though, so each sequel has a new cast of killers and victims. In Uniform Fan, this new seedy character is a dental serial rapist named Philip Wong (Joe Ma Tak-Chung) who's into water sports and has an affinity for schoolgirl, mail worker or meter maid attire. 
   Two Asian stooges, one named Leonardo and another named Shitty(for real, no shit) are the awful comedy team in this sequel. Leo mentions he got his name "from the boy in Titanic" and I guess shitty is just a stinky fellow, they are played by Joe Ma Tak-Chung and Ronald Wong Ban. Both are out on parole, once they stumble upon a meter maid corpse that was raped and killed last night, they decide to carry her around like idiots. This is what passes for comedy in this dopey film. They stop at an outside restaurant and order western toast (which I can only assume means cowboy bread).

Not an authorized Raped By An Angel product

   A pretty female officer played by Athena Chu, fends off Leonardo's advances and her underage sister Jenny (Jane Chung Chun) goes to the dentist. The demented oral surgeon has hallucinations toward every women he looks at and envisions them radiating sexual attention toward him.
   The younger sister is drugged, but narrowly escapes being raped after the dental receptionist offers up her body instead to stop his perverted intentions. Something tells me she has been doing this for awhile. Philip the creepy hygienist stalks Jenny at her high school and buys her and some friends off with beer.
   My favorite part is when the dentist gets delusional fantasies about Jenny, who sticks her butt in the air and says plank me instead of spank.
   They try to recreate the similar romance between Leo the triad and a female officer (Chu) during the last sequel with Simon Yam and his girlfriend, but their chemistry is no comparison.
   Somehow at the party, Jenny is murdered by the evil dentist and her sister is punished for letting the rage get the best of her at work.

Corbin Bernsen eat my drill bit

    Uniform Fan has almost no bloodshed (other then the drill scene), but the warped storyline gives it enough momentum and entertainment value.
    Leo,who is sometimes called Bulky Kong (Ha--sounds like a Mike Tyson's Punch Out character), gets framed for rape by Mabel the dental assistant, who was already bruised and of course is also involved in his madness.
   After idiotic Shitty and Leo attempt to beat down the dentist in wacky disguises, he ties them up and goes to town on their teeth, using a craftsman drill. 
   Phillip's fate is sealed when he's confronted by the police women's field working granny, while trying to assault her grand daughter. This film by no means was as terrible as The Untold Story 2, which could never live up to the original impact. I'm in the sect of critics, who thought the original Naked Killer was pretty tame and too flashy for its own good. Raped Part 2 delivers in a more unabashed sleazy way, this one has got it's problems and is sort of forgettable, maybe part 4 will be more exciting. Jing Wong, is usually a name you can rely on when it comes to mind boggling depravity, his name is attached to the entire series. Better luck next time!

SLIGHTLY RECOMMENDED! This one is for Raped By An Angel completists only (if there are any)!

Available to rent on DVD via Netflix


  1. Such an extremely grimy film this one is,as were many of those Catagory III films that made the 90s quite a tolerable and decent decade for genre cinema(before the dreaded likes of SCREAM and its many knock-offs/clones and THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT soured it during the decade's second half).

  2. I bet there were some Chinese knockoffs of Scream but I'm not interested in watching any


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