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Intrepidos Punks

"Intrepidos Punks" (1980)
Starring: Princesa Lea, Juan Valentín, Ana Luisa Peluffo, Juan Gallardo
Directed By:  Francisco Guerrero

Review by: "Machine Gun" Kristin 

SPOILERS! (of course ya dummy) 

This movie is fantastic! If there already isn't a cult following for this, there definitely needs to be! I love these obscure 70s and 80s Mexican (or Mexploitation) films. They definitely deserve a resurgence and proper re-releases with translations, commentary and cleaned up film. "Intrepidos Punks" plays almost like a lost Troma movie and predates "Class Of 1984" with a lot of "Mad Max" thrown in. This is a great movie to watch with friends because you can easily transfer many of it's plot points into blackout drunk drinking games. I'm sure taking shots every time the gang cheers in this movie is enough to destroy your liver beyond repair. Let's also count all the mustaches too while we're at it. 

Made in 1980, "Intrepidos Punks" combines so many great elements so it's easy to overlook it's razor thin plot line. I'm sure the leather, studs and pouffy hair budget alone was enormous. We follow Fiera (Princesa Lea, !?), a leather studded bikini wearing bitch with a huge ass. She resembles a bustier Mary Woronov wearing Wendy O. Willams' wardrobe (or lack there of). Her and formerly jailed boyfriend Tarzan (El Fantasma who manages to squeeze in some fancy wrestling moves) lead a large gang of violent oversexed punks who don't even show loyalty to themselves at times. There's not a lot of gore in this movie (besides a severed hand in a gift box), but there's certainly it's fair share of violence and rape.

There's some great music sprinkled throughout the film. The theme is played time and time again, maybe even too much, but it's still super enjoyable to hear. Someone on YouTube was kinda enough to translate the whole movie including this song which is great because sometimes lyrics are omitted in film subtitles which is a shame. 

(add music notes here)
Intrepidos Punks! Intrepidos Punks!

On the highways, and the cities too
Robbing anybody, the always break the law
On their motorcycles, riding around with their girls
Looking for adventure, they worship Satan

Intrepidos Punks! Intrepidos Punks!

Sex and drugs and violence, they're always after action
Sex and drugs and violence, and lots of rock n' rooooooooll


They got lots of hideouts, where they can go party
They share their broads, their loot too
They always break the rules, they don't know right from wrong
With their leather outfits, the color of night

And their punk hairdos, causing murder and mayhem
Sex and drugs and violence, that's their religion....


They even let the band (Three Souls In My Mind) have a cameo during a multiple rape scene in the police wives' living room. Jeez, they sure set up their band gear fast! I wonder if they ever played shows with The Plugz? 


I'll blow out my broccoli brains

"Intrepidos Punks" could play alongside movies such Troma's "Hollywood Zap", "Joysticks" and obscure 1975 Mexican drug film, "Cristo Te Amo" (which I found at a thrift store with no subtitles so I have no idea what the movie's actually about). I believe "Intrepidos" was mentioned in the essential punk film book, "Destroy All Movies", which I really need a copy of. 

Such loyalty

Is there a better combination? 

Mr. Mister was not a punk band

Oh man, just found out there's a 1987 sequel to this called "La Venganza De Los Punks". Let's all cheer, YAYYYY!!! *barfs from drinking too much*

Check out the trailer for the sequel!

Watch "Intrepidos Punks" here

You can find a DVD copy here

If you know of another source, please list it below in the comments.

Also! I made a button from "Intrepidos..". Make sure you check out my Instagram for my cult movie (and more) buttons that I make and sell. :) 


Cranky here, stellar job on the review sis! A special thanks to William Wilson of Video junkies blog for the suggestion that this may be the lost Deep Red title Insatiable Vengeance, so that's 2 down 1 to go. Next up will be the Rene Cardona Part 3 version of IV, could that be the correct satanic biker flick? Or could all of them just be a coincidence and Mad Foxes was the real culprit all along, shit I hope not!     

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