Monday, May 12, 2014

Weng's Chop Alert!!!

Hello Readers, please buy a copy of Weng's Chop Magazine it features many TOG contributors like Greg Goodsell, Graham Rae and Kris Gilpin along with other talented writers. Brian Harris, Tony Strauss and Tim Paxton have brought really put together a wonderful publication that deserves your attention, please support them!
   I'm not only promoting it because Crankenstein chipped in a couple of reviews for Buddha's Palm and Dr. Death: Seeker Of Souls, but because I believe in what they do, and am inspired by them to have a print version of TOG too someday. I think print is more relevant and important then anything else that will eventually end up in an internet graveyard where its instantly forgotten. It never pays to follow the digital trends because they are too fleeting and expendable and zines and vinyl have returned once again, on a grassroots level.
   So, send them your money, enough of my yacking, stay tuned for more insults, rambling and of course wacky captions (like this one).

Atreyu!!!! Wait, you're not him, let me drop you now!


  1. Agreed. I think Weng's Chop is an excellent publication. Highly recommended. Though I too am a little biased as I have a couple of reviews in one of the issues (Issue 4 I think). Can't wait to pick up the latest one.

    As for the zines thing, over the last year I've been putting together a fanzine (now sold out and defunct in current form) and you are again correct- I ve been blogging for a decade but it doesn't come close to the feeling of holding a fanzine in the hand. A friend and I intend to put out an exploitation film fanzine over the summer- same format (hand made, cut and paste, a5).

    So yeah- Weng's Chop excellent, making fanzines great fun too. As for shameless promotion? any chance of a blogroll link back to help people find my blog? Without links blogging can be a teensy bit of a lonely experience!! :D

  2. Hi Nigel, Yes I'm biased too but they do need support and they put out a good well written publication. My wife is pushing me toward doing an old school style zine at Kinkos, which seems frightening to me, but I think I will do it.
    I'd like to make a banner for your blog so you get more attention and thanks for your nice comment!

  3. Old skool zines are great fun! Mine were all cutting and pasting then copied. I think the best investment I made was a saddle stapler (about $60) but worth it. I also picked up a guillotine off amazon but it wasn't good so I think a g. But aside from that it is all glue sticks and scissors. When I finish an issue the room looks like a nursery! There is a facebook group for punk zines that will be a wonderful inspiration. Oh, and has a large zines scans archive.


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