Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Assault: Jack The Ripper

Assault Jack The Ripper Directed By Yasuharu Hasebe, Starring Tamaki Katsura 1976.
Down at a fancy bakery restaurant, a curly haired waitress and a cake decorator's relationship begins to blossom. The girl hates her job and is ridiculed and pushed around by the customers. They drive around together through a rainstorm as a wonky hitch hiker jumps in, strips naked and smears wedding cake over her breasts. 
   This is a "Pinky Violence" flick from the fine folks at the Nikkatsu studio, and is a totally new breed of subgenre, anything usually goes (see Star Of David: Hunting Beautiful Girls for an example). They are overtly explicit and always mix demented subtext with constant nudity (minus public hair, which the Japanese censors have a phobia of).

Do you guys like Headcheese Sushi roll?

   The hot Japanese version of Edwin Neal, cuts into her own arm, all the while giggling like the famous Chainsaw relative. They kick her out of the station wagon and leave her in the rain. Bad luck begins to thrive as they drag her dead naked body toward a junkyard and accidentally split her open on a piece of jagged metal. 

You're telling me this doesn't give you a boner?
   The fear and blood, violently turns them both on and they ravenously hump. 
The next day, instead of pursuing their relationship, the baker ignores the waitress and she in turn tries to make him jealous. She has a 69 in a car with a random old man customer as her "new boyfriend" sits outside and broods. All the sex is obstructed by creative chairs or angles that strategically get in the way of genitalia like in Austin Powers

Murdering people makes me crave the syrupy taste of Coke

   Coke makes a very special perverted use of product placement. The waitress and her partner get turned on by kidnappings and causing car accidents but other then that don't seem to get along. They callously gut a school girl in an abandoned bowling alley with a cake knife as cheery Captain and Tennille style music plays to signify their pleasure over their random slayings. 
   Assault treats sadistic violence like it's a bucket of oysters and champagne, it celebrates the destruction of innocent lives. The juxtaposition of torture and violence peppered with inappropriate slap happy music in intentional. It's capped off with a really fucked up scene, where a women with a dog is abducted, humiliated then stabbed in the vagina! 

Relax that cervix, I'm a pro at this

   Again it's treated for laughs and the tone is never downbeat, almost as if they expect the audience to be as sexually excited as the characters in the film. The worst part is that there are no repercussions for the thrill killings. The sexual violence never stops and almost gets tedious. There's absolutely no authority or police presence, in this version of Tokyo, they don't exist. That being said, I immensely enjoyed this bleak comedy, which is definitely not for everyone, it's very barbaric, misogynistic, horrifying and yet also hilarious! As for the title I can't figure it out, there's obviously no connection.
Available to rent via Netflix on DVD.

Dammnit I peed hotsauce again

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